What sauce liquor is suitable for Chinese New Year gift?These baijiu are not to be missed

2022-05-24 0 By

The Spring Festival is like a cup of wine, brewing for a year, transpiration tired and missing, waiting for the belly, have a good time.And the New Year’s gift is always not wine, visit relatives and friends, to the elders, always need to have wine as a companion.But what maotai-fragrant liquor is appropriate for Chinese New Year gifts?It’s always a headache to believe that.Don’t worry, today xiaobian will recommend you a few classic brands of good wine, let you do not have to worry about what to send wine.Lively Spring Festival, first send Chinese red, first recommend Lai MAO end qu this wine, red packaging, looking on the festival, is suitable for gifts.Hot New Year, and then send Chinese red, and then recommend a red package of Lai MAO Chuanxi, there is no feeling taken by xiaobian.Red packaging, very suitable for the Chinese New Year, and this wine is sold in sinopec easy convenience store, very easy to buy, so xiaobian recommended.But send wine can not only see the packing, of course, still have to pay attention to the quality and taste of wine, Lai Mao jubilee palate is soft continous, drink will feel maotai-flavor long, while the Lai Mao end piece is more full, the taste of the whole is more balanced, which tastes more touched your heart, see you ~ the last small make up recommend a delicate blue packaging to wine – Lai Mao succession series,Since ancient times, red and blue CP!This wine is full-bodied, the entrance can make people feel like grain fragrance, the stomach is smooth, no sticky feeling, drink down the whole body comfortable, there will be a special fragrance lingering, people who know wine must like.Which of these three wines appeals to you more?The heart is not as good as action, as soon as the order to relatives and friends, and then together wine tasting chat, is not beautiful ~ Chinese New Year gift what maotai-fragrant liquor is appropriate, this problem is not successfully solved ~