An unabashedly movie, boldly revealing the tragic life of a Geisha in Japan, and bringing the bestiality of human beings to the extreme

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Can you believe it?In front of the woman is the number one brothel, as long as all the fever, the body can produce pink cherry blossoms, numerous guests to see, do not hesitate to deal or no deal, in the Japanese edo period, the fog is a geisha, is her daily work, sitting on a fence in the evening, guests choose, was taken away by geisha will be after the guest, and graceful body appearance, appearance and delicate in fog,Is the most popular based, and her people, as long as the excitement, fever, the body can produce pink cherry blossoms, numerous guests deal or no deal, is for the sake of this magic scene, she also became the house brand yamada, guest said sweet words beautifully, she is only a voice that answers, take part in accidental amusement, when guests leave,Twist expression and restored indifference, then, good sisters eight jin cheerfully ran, tell the fog yourself before long, it will be a beloved foreclosure, but her heart never believe a man commitment, also told daily good sisters, don’t expect, the feeling is too deep to the last injured only themselves, puppy love can be eight jin, did not make the fog’s words to heart,Were filled with joy, looking forward to the future happy life, and a beloved live day after day, the mist is like the canary in the cage, every night for people to choose, one day, the fog at the invitation of sister eight jin enthusiasm, festival together to the street, but didn’t expect the crowds, the two people break up, feet also lost a clogs, and watching the crowd,Very helpless on the ground, when a sudden one arm, held the fog up and walked to the people and place, carefully put next to the barn, also went to help him find missing clogs, warm heart, put on for her, to the fog of scratch, a man hurried to clean up the wound, to stare at a man care, carefully treat the fog like ordinary woman,Icy bodies in the fog, the first time feel warm, in a conversation to learn that two people, a man named kojiro half, is a cloth merchant, clogs the fog on the cloth, kojiro is half a trade and to the brothel and the fog hard to endure it back, just happened, the next day, found her hair gone in a hurry to run to the street looking for, found, more hairSurprise kojiro met half again, the man made her uneasy, toward the fog to conceal inner joy, she had forgotten, at this time of the original proverbs, although head hairpin found, but in the heart of the fog is drawn to the man at the moment, kojiro half decided to help her repair hair stand or fall off, and agreed to meet after three days in this place, the fog uneasy heart,Looking forward to the next meet, a day not see such as three years, the fog look forward to look forward to, to meet the night before, the eight jin is working in the fence, but inadvertently see, in a few days ago, also promised to promise to redeem her out of her man, arms is another woman passing by, eight jin Shouting at the edge of the fence, but men see after, and without any explanation,Twist a head goes, eight jin abandoned after despair, looked at the fog sad good sisters, thinking of his miserable childhood, mother was also a geisha, puppy love the mother, met a guest, let mother promised to redeem walk mother after pregnancy, can be collapsed, the fog had already taken down, men have no trace, mother ask around, without any words,Accept the fact of not abandoned, since then, the mother increasingly corrupt, drunken, regularly beaten young toward the fog, fog even with cigarette burns to the skin, also suffered inhuman because of childhood abuse, cause the body as long as fever will blossom, you absolutely believe that a man in order to show the pink mark of woman,Unexpectedly and under the eyes of women playing with it, I didn’t think of sitting on the other side is a beloved, watching all this, he could do nothing, then her mother died because of illness, the fog on the streets all day long, coincidence, who is based at the time of the fog, it was alive, develop toward the fog fog from urinate, step by step into yamada house signs now,In not long ago, was also a businessman named yoshida foreclosure, the fog, and comfort good sisters eight jin, thus missed the kojiro and half the appointed time, walking back toward the fog disheartened, kojiro see half a shadow at a crossroads, but haven’t had time to happy, just look at another woman came up and took half kojiro hands together to walk, see this scene,The fog suddenly the sky were to fall, the heart is like, oneself originally like eight jin, is abandoned woman, back after the fog lay in bed sadly, centerless reception guests, experience of the wife of shop-owner, found her at the first sight that was patiently enlighten, the fog and unmoved, but life still have to continue to live, in desperation, wife of shop-owner said,If don’t work you don’t have a meal, even though very reluctant, but still have to live on, after the fog had to dress up, continue to go to work, in the evening, the fog was a rich merchant yoshida, namely redeem man walked toward the fog sister, accompanied by name, to his thought was, saw on the meal, kojiro half is more of a beloved, he is yoshida partners at work,Hostess, during the hot eyes, two people are all the love in her, was hanging on the side of the merchants, perceive between two people is wrong, very discontentedly picked up toward the fog on the thighs, regardless of the women’s rebellion, forcing him to drink a pot of wine, or even lift, like toys to play with, there is no dignity in front of beloved, the fog heart very pain,Can’t look straight into the eyes of the half kojiro, kojiro irrepressible half was about to start to stop, can be the wife of shop-owner stopped in time, will only let a man know impulse is more and more too, the fog will only in a more difficult, so, watching the mist being mistreated, fainting, woke up again, already was the second day early morning, the fog is very desperate, staring at the dirty,How do you deserve half a man?Can still have a glimmer of hope in the fog, the kojiro and half of the first meeting place, if saw the man, but the two men looked at each other, and don’t know what to say, the fog rejected dirty yourself, now they said despairingly plain code marks a price, want to go to the brothel in selling her good, in the face of anger toward the fog, kojiro half did not explain too much,The fixed handed her hair, then turned to leave, the heart has unwilling, fog kojiro half exactly is what meaning, a man back tightly embrace her, shows his thoughts, in a shabby little house, two people to open up about their past, unconsciously talked about in the fog, the fog will she as the benefactor, sister also very dignified grace worship of the fog,And hope that one day, can also be like sister as based parade, but a few days ago mist be atoned for, since two people had not seen face, kojiro half life is also very bumpy, suffer from parents, sister made geisha be compelled helpless, oneself live a drift from place to place every day, work around is to find close sister, coincidence,Meet the boss now, make the fabric business, he is very love in front of girls, decided after the fog one-year, two people go to a place where no one know, back to life, two people looking forward to look forward to the future of life, the woman is so poor, this is the number one brothel, wanted to maturity and lover her,But the rich foreclosure business partner go to serve man, lover of pique killed a man, but also didn’t take long, half kojiro was yoshida’s adult, forced him to marry his sister, is the last woman was misunderstanding towards the fog, kojiro half close yoshida, is research about sister, eventually the heart entanglements, accepted the marriage,On the other side, yoshida intentionally moving in the fog, kojiro mention half is going to be married, be your own brother-in-law, even suggesting redeem walk toward the fog, her heart was as the needle stung, not against her to accept the fate, just married in kojiro half a day, the fog despair and quiet sitting in a room, suddenly kojiro half came in quietly,He hastened to explain himself did not back toward the fog, the promise is astoundingly, kojiro mist is half to find a half sister, to marriage, is to investigate the elder sister is missing, the fog heart this just a comfort, at the dinner table, flattery, kojiro half side side politely to yoshida, pour wine, the wine lead three cruise, kojiro half slowly set out the truth,Girl, originally is taken out in yoshida, home, is to serve business partners, it is both convenient and save money, but a woman who was redeem on fog, because sick, directly throw people out, finally died in the street, he said also excited laughing, kojiro but aside half know the truth, the instantaneous collapse to stay where they were,At the door of the fog after hearing, couldn’t resist the standing out, angry said don’t want to home and adults, aside yoshida side just understand, the two people in their trap, but’ll have reached yoshida’s hands, the fog wanted to rob to come over, but be ruthless men fell to the ground, yoshida, also want to in front of half kojiro again to expose the fog, but this time,Kojiro half rose up and kicked the man directly, conveniently take chopsticks into the man, so yoshida were stabbed to death, kojiro half stay leng in situ, directly toward the fog let he hurried rush and run away before the men look deep to a beloved woman, not two days, half kojiro warrant to the fog on the hand, she came to the place where two people first meet every day,Waiting for lover one day stand in front of their own, but disappointed every time back, one day, the fog, as usual, here waiting, surprise, wait for a little boy with a letter, letter is written by a beloved, ask her to meet in the morning, the original these days of waiting, kojiro half is in a corner quietly watching, not late into the night, the fog to succumb to the heart,To wait for early, after meeting, don’t think he tells the worried these days, how don’t blame him hide away again, and rejoice at the same time, lover standing in front of her, can, kojiro half made a special trip to come to this, garden toward the fog based in the dream, he spent half a year time, make your own outfit based parade, carefully for the fog put on beautiful clothes, in the courtyard,Change clothes in fog, let a person cannot look beautiful, your flower in night dream come true, although only one the audience, but the fog is very happy, steady as a beloved, two people had a great night, brief calm was broken, after we received the news of kojiro half the officers and men, almost non-stop, half kojiro had been seized by directly cut off the head,Toward the fog after that sweetheart walk, to the world no longer nostalgia, then commit suicide, eight jin is envy toward the fog, although her life is very short, but in the most beautiful time, encountered his beloved person, also completed the dream in the way of flower,