At 10 PM on the third day of the Chinese New Year, China’s women’s soccer team is expected to get revenge against Japan in the semi-final

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The Chinese Year of the Tiger has arrived, and all Chinese football fans are immersed in the joy of the Chinese New Year, cheering for Chinese football all the time.The Women’s Asian Cup, held in India, will continue at 10 PM On the third day of the Chinese New Year (Beijing time), with the Semi-final match between China and Japan.Due to copyright issues, CCTV5 will not live broadcast the event.Although the Chinese football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam, leaving fans disappointed and angry.But the women’s football team was very competitive, beating Vietnam 3-1, and Chinese fans turned more attention to the women’s football team.When China lost 2-0 to Japan, it made fans realize that the two teams were far from each other and revenge was not easy.But the women’s team is fully capable of avenging China and is expected to eliminate Japan in the semi-finals.The Chinese women’s football team, headed by Shui Qingxia, drew lessons from former coach Jia Xiuquan and used stars such as Wang Shuang and Tang Jiali to achieve good results in the 2022 Asian Women’s Football Cup.Once upon a time, The Chinese women’s football team was the strongest in Asia, winning the Asian Cup seven times in a row.Now, Chinese women’s football team has no long-term plan, resulting in a decline in overall strength. It has preliminarily achieved its goal to reach the semi-finals of the Asian Cup, and will fight for victory against Japan.It is worth mentioning that The Chinese women’s football team defeated Vietnam 3-1 and qualified for the Women’s Football World Cup.The semi-final against Japan has a friendly kick-off time, starting at 10pm on the third day of the Chinese New Year, during the Chinese New Year holiday, so fans don’t need to stay up late to watch the match.If there are fans who think watching China’s national football team against Vietnam will be boring, they can choose to cheer for The Chinese women’s football team, who are not inferior to the Japanese women’s football team.Japan beat Thailand 7-0 in the last round, showing strong teamwork and footwork skills. Their players are delicate, fast and physical.According to the historical records of the matches between The Chinese women’s football team and the Japanese women’s football team, the Chinese women’s football team lost to the Japanese women’s football team 0 to 3, winning less and losing more.At that time, The Coach of Chinese women’s football Team Jia Xiuquan changed to coach of water. The team lineup changed significantly, and the frame with Wang Shuang and Wang Shanshan as the main forces became more mature and stable.What Chinese women’s football team needs to do most is to adjust the mentality, Japan women’s football team is not invincible, the strength gap between the two teams is not big, play their own characteristics, do a good job to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, sonorous roses will continue to bloom in the Asian Cup field.As long as The Chinese women’s football team beat the Japanese women’s football team, it can not only help the men’s football team revenge success, but also smoothly advance to the Asian Cup final.