Blocking the South China Sea in the name of salvage.Actually has another purpose, very sinister

2022-05-25 0 By

Before the Chinese New Year, the Beautiful F35C fell down in the South China Sea, and the plan is to salvage the f35C in the South China Sea for 170 days.The purpose is as follows :1. To block the South China Sea and make it difficult for China’s submarines to appear and disappear.2.2021 years of submarine in the beautiful countries crashed don’t know how to face, before the greatest possible is suspected to blowing from land equipment used in our country, reforming the distribution of deep-sea reefs in the south China sea, the beautiful countries decades before detection of the south China sea Marine geological environment map fails, take this, use a 170 – day plan, for surveying and mapping to the region.(Unfortunately, the rabbit will continue to blow the sea to create fields after you finish mapping, and in a short time you can quickly edit a new set of terrain.So tired to death eagle sauce, labor and money.Waste money.3. Worry about the rabbit sending submarines out to map the front door of the eagle jam and the gulf sea at the end of February 2022 when eagle Jam prompted Ukraine and Goose Country to start a war.4. Prevent rabbits from going to sea after Ukraine starts fighting.5. Prevent rabbits from speeding up the south China Sea topography after the Ukrainian war.It can be seen that eagle sauce plan to start the Ukraine situation, 170 days.Eagle sauce really wants Ukraine to fight, and is worried about rabbits fishing in troubled waters.Take this plane off the sea, use this strategy, a stone stirred up thousands of waves.Japan, of course, saw the multiple benefits of this scheme and followed suit, sending an aircraft into the sea to map the topography of nearby waters.Also guard against rabbits from their side having boats out to sea.