Did ancient generals wear capes to look handsome?A lot more than you think

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It’s not as simple as being cute!In ancient times, there were five functions for generals to wear their cloaks in battle.In many costume dramas, it is common to see the generals of the two camps, wearing armor and cloaks, fighting bloody battles on the battlefield, looking mighty and majestic.But the outside world wondered why capes were almost standard equipment for generals, if only to look handsome.According to Sohu.com, the capes have five main functions, not to play a handsome game. The first is to “boost morale”. When a general wears a capes in front of a battle, it can not only look powerful, but also show his subordinates that they are determined to stand together against the enemy and the soldiers, which can greatly boost morale.The second is “clear position”, the general wearing the cape can make the soldiers more easily see themselves, let the soldiers know that the general is with them, which helps to boost morale, soldiers can also protect the general in the first time.The third is to cover up wounds. On the battlefield, the sword is blind, so it is inevitable to be wounded. The advantage of the red cloak is that the wounded and bleeding will not be so obvious, so that the soldiers will not be confused.Or, if the wound is serious, he can tear off a corner of his cloak, simply bandage the bleeding, and continue fighting.The fourth is “keeping warm and keeping out the cold”. In ancient times, marching and fighting were mostly carried out in the border areas and other bitter cold places. The cold wind blew directly on the cold armor, and it was even more cold to put on the cloak to resist the cold wind.Finally, there was “confusion of sight”. In ancient battlefields, the back was the weakest place for people to defend themselves. Wearing a wide cloak, they could completely disturb the enemy’s sight and could not accurately shoot or stab the body.