Does Huang Xiaoming have a place in 48 companies?Baby’s income turned out to be amazing

2022-05-25 0 By

It has been widely rumored that Angelababy married Huang Xiaoming in addition to talking about feelings, but also see Huang Xiaoming can attract more good resources for her, Hong Kong famous entertainment notes that their marriage is a “political marriage” in the entertainment industry.At the time of their official divorce, Huang xiaoming and Angelababy’s wealth.The value has been turned up.Huang xiaoming currently owns 48 companies, including film and television, catering, clothing and technology companies, but none of them are Angelababy.During her ongoing divorce rumors, Angelababy has been saving up for herself by pursuing a three-pronged career in show business.She worked in variety shows, movies and TV shows, taking on different types of work and trying to make money.In addition to her day job in the entertainment industry, she also developed a lucrative sideline to learn and invest.In just a few years, she shot 9 works and served as a strategic shareholder of the company. The media reported that her income in just 4 years was 1.5 billion RMB.Even after her divorce from Huang xiaoming, Angelababy was already financially independent and did not feel humbled to leave the house.According to the US business magazine rankings, Both Huang xiaoming and Angelababy were on the list between 2017 and 2020, with Huang xiaoming at number 31 and Angelababy at number 13. Angelababy’s income was 300 million yuan more than Huang Xiaoming’s.Even though she was in love, Angelababy worked hard to make money and save up for herself.It is always practical to stock up on bread before talking about love.