Grow long with short!Pepper fields planted konjac to increase income

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A year’s plan begins in spring.Nowadays, it is a good time to sow, recently, into dafang County Dingxin Township Dajing Village, dozens of villagers are under the guidance of technical personnel, in the pepper field interplanting konjac, pull, pit, sowing, covering soil……The scene was a busy one.”My village konjac last year has sold a season, planting good words, konjac per mu income in 8,000 yuan or so, more cost-effective than planting corn!”Conversation, is in the field to guide konjac planting work dajing Village secretary Jiang Wulin’s face filled with joy.According to introducing, in February 2020, dominated by the village party branch of LingBan cooperatives, at DaJing Village double linen nest, ginger village group planted 500 acres of Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash production period of three years, to improve the land utilization ratio and productivity, in front of the Chinese prickly ash mature, in short a long way, in the field of Chinese prickly ash higher economic benefit of konjac interplanting, lead the masses’ income to become rich.”Today is the second day of planting. There are no less than 40 workers every day, and they are paid 10 yuan per hour. Everyone is very motivated and they can plant about 10 mu a day.”Jiang wulin said.”Konjac has bud on it, bud side must be facing up…”Since the planting of konjac began, agrotechnical experts from dingxin Township Agricultural service Center come to the scene every day to provide technical guidance for konjac planting.It is understood that in order to improve the survival rate of konjac planting, the village in addition to inviting rural agricultural technical personnel in-depth field for technical guidance, also organized cooperative members and farmers to green Pond township to learn advanced konjac planting and field management technology.With the industry, the villagers have a job.That cooperative planting konjac needs workers, villagers Li Shaozhang went to the base to sign up for work.”I am 68 years old and I plant konjac at the base for 80 yuan a day.And the most important thing is to get home at noon and feed the animals!”Li Shaozhang said with a smile.Ou Qichao, another villager who works in the base, told reporters that it is very cost-effective to transfer the land to the cooperative. The rent per mu is 400 yuan, and the cooperative can also be given priority to work, which is much higher than their own income from planting potatoes and corn.”I have more than six acres of land, and I lease them all.”In addition to the pepper land, Dajing Village also plans to interplant 700 mu of konjac in 2,000 mu of national reserve forest according to local conditions, and establishes a benefit connection mechanism with farmers. Through the mode of interplanting konjac under short and long forests, an industrial chain will be formed to promote agricultural income and help rural revitalization.Guizhou Daily sky eye news reporter Min Jianhua editor Gu Yeling editor Li Kai