In Baise, Guangxi, 98 people tested positive in the first round of nucleic acid screening

2022-05-25 0 By

According to a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Baise city, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in this round of COVID-19 prevention and control has reached 43 as of 16:00 On February 6, including 37 in Debao County, 2 in Youjiang District, 1 in Tianyang District, 1 in Longlin County, and 2 in Jingxi City.As of 12 o ‘clock On February 6, 207,506 people had been sampled in the first round of nucleic acid testing in relevant counties (cities and districts), 207,321 of whom were negative, 98 of whom were positive in initial screening, and 87 of whom were to be retested.The second round of regional nucleic acid testing has begun in Debao county this morning.Since February 6, the implementation of city-wide traffic control on Baise, in principle, vehicles and personnel are not allowed to enter and leave, between the counties (cities, districts) in Baise, between the counties (cities, districts) and between the townships (towns), the counties (cities, districts) and townships (towns) strictly implement personnel control within the county (cities, districts) and townships (towns), not necessary to flow.Source: