Liu Chunyang, a female college student in the 1990s, was sentenced to death after resigning to run a “no.7 villa” worth 50,000 yuan a day

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In the 1990s, college students were the proud children of heaven. If they could be admitted to college, they were bound to be outstanding and admired by everyone around them.Because of the influence of son preference, female college students are few and far between, and their future is unlimited.But Liu Chunyang, a female college student, has taken an unusual path.From a power plant worker to a model to a brothel owner, he made $50,000 a day.Some people say that if Liu Chunyang could take the right path, he would be an excellent professional manager.The family of origin has “Meng and His mother moved three times” in ancient times. It can be seen that the growing environment has a great influence on a person’s future growth and even his long life.Liu Chunyang was born in 1971 in Baishan city, Jilin Province, but her birth was different.Father Liu mou engaged in an extramarital affair, with a husband’s wife Chen mou gave birth to Liu Chunyang and sister Chen Limei.Such a strange background is bound to bring confusion to liu Chunyang’s growth.When liu Chunyang was young, he lived in his mother’s family, named Chen Lihong.When she was seven years old, her mother divorced her husband and was left to raise their two children on her own.Poverty left a deep imprint on Liu Chunyang’s young mind.Helpless, at this time the father liu mou will be Liu Chunyang home, and renamed Liu Chunyang.At that time, the admission rate of college entrance examination was very low, but Liu Chunyang showed her intelligence at an early age, and her academic performance was always excellent from primary school to high school.There is no doubt that Liu Chunyang entered a university in northeast China.It can be said that Liu Chunyang’s life at this time a smooth road, the future can be expected.Liu chunyang graduated from college with honors in 1992 and was assigned to work in a thermal power plant.Undoubtedly this is the iron rice bowl, regular job, make a lot of people envy the job.But Mr. Liu quit after working there for less than two years.In 1994, Liu joined a modeling team in Changchun and became a professional model.It takes a lot of courage for a model to give up an iron career in the 1990s.It can be seen that Liu Chunyang is a decisive person and has a strong sense of goal.But the span of such a large, female college students as models, I’m afraid it was a new thing at that time.But There are several reasons for Liu’s interest in modeling.First, Liu Chunyang is 1.72 meters tall, graceful and good-looking, which means he has a high level of appearance.Second, the early 1990s saw great changes in China’s economy, especially deng Xiaoping’s speech during his 1992 southern tour, which injected vitality into China’s economy.Liu Chunyang is one of those who have ventured into business.The sea is indeed profitable, as a model before long, Liu Chunyang’s pockets on the drum, income is the factory can not be compared.Just a few years in the provincial capital, Liu earned his first bucket of gold: 270,000 yuan.That was a lot of money in those days.But as her income rose, Liu’s horizons and ambitions broadened, and changchun, the provincial capital, could no longer accommodate her.In 1997, Liu Chunyang left Changchun for Beijing on his own.In Beijing, Liu Chunyang from the old business, soon found a model team, continue to do modeling.Fashion model in Beijing in the 1990s Although models earn money, it is very hard to run around every day because there is no fixed performance place.Perhaps fed up with the industry, after only a few months as a model in Beijing, Liu chunyang quit her job to start a whole new industry.At that time, the most profitable industry than karaoke, sauna and other entertainment industry.So, Liu Chunyang was introduced into this line when the foreman.Of course, with Liu Chunyang’s own conditions, in this line of nature is like a duck in water.It didn’t take long for Mr. Liu to become more and more famous in this circle.In 1998, A Beijing entertainment city boss Qi heard a friend said, there is a “mommy” called Liu Chunyang, in the hands of a large number of young ladies and customers, if she can be dug over, business must be hot.Soon, qi boss to contact Liu Chunyang, and appointed her as the entertainment city sauna department foreman, contract period of 2 years.Both parties agree that those who break the contract shall compensate the other party 200,000 yuan as liquidated damages.Obviously, this is a high-paying job, Liu Chunyang is ready to show, she will be his compatriots sister from home into this entertainment city, she does the foreman, the younger sister stem young lady.At this point, Liu chunyang can be said to be daily income, before long, her savings reached 1.5 million yuan.But just then, a piece of news made her uneasy. Beijing media reported that Ma Yulan had been sentenced to death by Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court for organizing prostitution.He was the first person sentenced to death for this crime since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, making him the focus of media attention at the time.Can say ma Yulan and she is a peer, peer end let her shiver, Liu Chunyang felt his work as playing with fire, at any time the possibility of being engulfed by the fire.Therefore, Liu Chunyang regardless of the contract agreement, willing to pay high penalty for breach of contract and hurried to leave the entertainment city.Endless desire of the huge temptation of money, let Liu Chunyang’s heart imbalance again, this time and did not silence for long.In 1999, Liu Chunyang heard that the villa opened entertainment city, both hidden, business and hot.She thought: I have management experience, and the resources and network, why not business.”Heart is better than action”, Liu Chunyang is ready to regroup, do a big: their own boss.Soon, Liu chunyang went shopping and bought a newspaper. In the real estate section, she found a villa rental agency.The agency quickly recommended a property to her, which was courtyard 7 of Beichen Garden Villa near the Caldecott Grand Hotel in the north of Beijing.No. 7 villa Liu Chunyang analysis, here is a good location, convenient transportation, there are two star hotels next to the villa area shady trees, elegant environment, and privacy is very good.There are security guards on duty at the gate here, and people in and out should be strictly registered.It was such a wonderful place that Liu chunyang immediately hit it off and negotiated with the owner of the villa for a monthly rent of 48,000 yuan, payable quarterly.Business began, and the ladies were afraid of arousing suspicion because they went to and from work.Liu chunyang rented a van, and the driver took her to and from work.In order to standardize the management, Liu chunyang asked the ladies who came to work in the villa to pay a 5,000 yuan deposit, which will be returned when they leave.At the same time for “customers”, Liu Chunyang also put forward requirements, that is, they can not come directly, before calling to report the license plate number, waiting in the designated place, but by Liu Chunyang sent internal car pick up.Indeed, all trouble has been avoided.But at the beginning because of fewer customers, business cold.In order to break this situation, Liu Chunyang racking their brains, she launched miss contact customers, this trick is really effective, soon Liu Chunyang’s business is hot, sometimes a day of guests have reached 50 people.Many guests are unable to get a ticket for several days.Hand is not enough, for this, Liu Chunyang pulls a few relatives into this industry, even the close younger sister Liu Chunping that lets oneself also fills in the team of young lady.”If she had not taken this wrong path, she would have been an outstanding female professional manager,” said the deputy president of the administrative Genius trial.Liu Chunyang in the end what management means, can do “business” in perfect order.For the management of no.7 villa, Liu Chunyang has a means.Besides the deposit, the young lady also needs to pay 1000 yuan management fee and 300 yuan for the meal.Each transaction, charge 1000 yuan, collected by Liu Chunyang, later returned to miss 550 yuan.Miss has no right to charge or ask for guest’s contact information.Let the customer satisfaction is the business purpose of no.7 villa, therefore, for the new miss, No.7 villa to carry out a comprehensive training.The business hours of Villa 7 are from 8 PM to 12 PM. Every day when the business starts, Liu Chunyang and the head waiter will stand at the door to greet the guests.After 12 o ‘clock, “models” unified off work, sent to their homes by special cars.After the models have left, Liu Chunyang personally check the inventory of the day’s business situation, just left.She rented a two-bedroom somewhere else.What surprised the police most was that while other places were covered by karaoke bars, hair salons and bath centers, Liu chunyang’s Villa No. 7 was a naked trading place.If placed in the old society, this would be a pure brothel.Such ostentatious, but can escape the police blow, it can be seen that Liu Chunyang’s management is how watertight.Of course, the “business” of no.7 villa can be so popular, in addition to Liu Chunyang’s management ability, there is a very important reason, that is from the “no.7 villa temptation”.For example, Liu Chunping, Liu chunyang’s younger sister, originally lived in her hometown in northeast China and had never been exposed to the industry before.Once, Liu Chunping quarreled with her boyfriend and ran away in anger. She came to Beijing to go to her sister and went to work in no.7 villa.But suddenly found that Liu Chunping was pregnant, Liu Chunyang arranged for her to sit at the bar, or clean up the next sanitation can be, a monthly salary of 2,000 yuan.It can be said that such a salary in the late 1990s has been considered a high salary, but unexpectedly Liu Chunping is not satisfied.After working at the bar in Villa 7 for a few days, she found that other colleagues were making a lot of money every day, even a day’s income was more than she earned in a month.Under such a stimulus, Liu chunping started taking clients despite her pregnancy.At Villa 7, this is not unique, as Zhang Min does.Zhang Min, 30 years old, married, preschool teacher graduated, working in a city government agency kindergarten.But after working for a few years, he resigned and came to Beijing. At the beginning, he earned two or three thousand yuan a month as a drug salesman.The income is good, but it is very hard to work as a salesman.One day, a friend told her that working in a sauna was easy and she could earn tens of thousands of yuan a month.Zhang Min was tempted, but she had no idea about the “work” in the sauna.But under the temptation of high salary, she still came to villa 7.Although she didn’t have any experience, Zhang min thought it was a regular massage, and she could learn as she went along.Therefore, Liu chunyang arranged zhang Min to learn from other girls first, and let Zhang Min stand by and watch every time colleagues served guests.But at the beginning, the images almost made Zhang min faint.As soon as they came out of the massage room, Liu chunyang warned her, “Anyway, I’ve been married, so why should I be afraid? If you want to make money, you have to do this, or you’ll have to go somewhere else.”Maybe Liu chunyang reminded her, zhang min thought: I’ll work here for a few months, no one will know, when I make money back to find a real job.Such a thought, Zhang Min stayed in villa 7, also began to make a lot of money.It is understood that only three months, no. 7 villa miss, high income has tens of thousands of.Dream shattered 7 villa was originally a quiet and elegant place, so frequent access to personnel, even if the management of how careful, also can not not cause the suspicion of the neighbors.One day, a mysterious inform against the telephone hit city public security bureau, via public security mechanism investigation, 7 villa does have a problem.Soon, one night, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau surrounded villa 7 and arrested more than 30 people on the spot, except for a few young ladies and support staff, all of them were guests.But Liu Chunyang is not one of them, the original incident that night, is no. 7 villa busy she suddenly received a once in here to do miss phone, phone told her: I pass by you here, found you around the police.Out of “professional sensitivity,” Liu realized something was wrong, so she told her staff she wasn’t feeling well and left first.Back home, Liu tried to contact Villa 7 by phone, but no one answered.When Liu Chunyang is in a state of anxiety, the cousin Ma Jun that works in no.7 villa limps to look for Liu Chunyang.Originally, in the public security police rushed into no. 7 villa, ma Jun is found on the second floor is wrong, immediately jumped out of the window.Mr. Liu fled overnight with his cousin in a car to Tianjin, then immediately boarded a train bound for Jilin.But to Liu Chunyang’s surprise, when she stepped into her home, she found that the police had been waiting for a long time.The price of villa 7 to make money in the end how fast, when the police smashed, although the account books have been destroyed, but from the seized pages of unprocessed account books, found that the daily revenue of more than 50,000 yuan.As a bright future of female college students, Liu Chunyang willing to take risks, so crazy collect money after all for what?In jail, facing prosecutors and judges, Liu chunyang said she wanted to make money because she planned to open a private primary school in the future, allowing orphans who could not afford to go to her school.There is no denying that Liu Chunyang did have a special upbringing, but that does not justify her crime.The guests in Villa no. 7 spent more than 1100 yuan each time. These people were either state cadres or senior enterprise officials, and most of them spent money with public funds.Therefore, the Second Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing sentenced Liu Chunyang to death with a two-year reprieve and confiscated all his personal property.