Manchester United’s draw at Burnley revealed the manager’s inability to cope, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo on the back of the bench

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United lost fourth place to a 1-1 draw at Burnley as the premier League resumed.Cristiano ronaldo missed a great chance as a substitute and was questioned again after the match. It was embarrassing, but it was also unfair, and it was not good for the rest of the game.Cristiano ronaldo still needs to prove his fitness as United head into a week of fixtures.United needed a comeback win to get back into the top four, so those concerned should not blame Ronaldo more for his lack of action, coming on in the 68th minute when the rest of the core players would have sealed the win in the first half.His return to Manchester united was hoping to give the team more, but the situation is teammates won’t absolutely to cristiano ronaldo’s support, this is the question that the dressing room, also is the embodiment of the coach incompetence, because in the case of the team and the coach cannot solve the problem, and to solve the problem with the tactical requirement, so this kind of negative impact will be greater and greater.What is certain is that no team with problems in the dressing room will have a great season.There was also a statistical deficit, with just five of their 22 shots on target, compared to three of Burnley’s nine, and the relegation strugglers deserved a draw.United dominated possession 62% to 38% in the first half, but only one goal went into the net, which really showed that the team was not playing properly.Cavani and rashford missed some chances, it must be said, and varane’s goal was disallowed because Maguire was offside.United’s only goal was a chance created by Luxshaw, who has set up a number of team-mates this season, including Cristiano Ronaldo.Pogba, who has also been questioned every season, was relieved by his return from an inverted triangle, but there is still a good chance he will leave this summer as he loses the support of the fans and the allure of Manchester United, who have failed to win the title.It is worth mentioning that Rashford was also involved in the goal, unfortunately he played 85 minutes without scoring, his personal statistics are 3 shots 2 on target, 1 threat pass, 5 passes, 17 pass success rate of 82.35%.Ronaldo played 22 minutes of the game also had 3 shots on target, unfortunately did not shoot on target, the success rate of 6 passes is 83.33%, teammates did not give more support to Ronaldo, so it is inevitable that he failed to achieve success.United had chances to extend their lead in the first half but missed them.Luxshaw and Rashford combined to create an own goal in the first half, but the referee disallowed pogba’s early penalty.Rashford was heavily guarded and Fee failed to convert one of his few scoring chances, leaving only a one-goal lead at half-time.It has been proved many times in football that missed chances are punished.Burnley’s goal was a counter-attack early in the second half, when a long ball from the right split the defence and Werkhorst collected the ball and sent it to Rodriguez, who drove past the box to score.United’s defence was questionable at the start of the second half, with six men up front unable to block passes or break through, and With Maguire in the back defence no longer as solid as it once was.The opposition also stepped up their defense after Ronaldo’s appearance and used fouls to limit United’s attack, which also made it impossible for the players to form an absolute scoring opportunity.Cristiano Ronaldo has two failed headers, which is not comfortable for players who are used to scoring with their feet, and it can be seen that the problems encountered during the team’s pursuit of points are relatively big.For long periods there was no more connection between Cristiano Ronaldo and Fergie, who played the whole game and had a bit of a lassen late in the second half.It is worth mentioning that Ronaldo’s first possession of the ball after coming on as a substitute in the 68th minute came in the 74th minute, when Varane took possession of the ball after an unsuccessful shot and returned it to Ronaldo, who converted to Rashford for a corner.Cristiano ronaldo is selfless, but unfortunately his teammates didn’t give him more opportunity to attack, tactical corner also did not give to the foot of cristiano ronaldo, then boss changed into the forest, two ball B fee has both choose to rush, the team’s tactical intention is clear, and not because ronaldo’s appearance and some change.Ronaldo’s second possession was for a tactical corner, which was handed to him by Luxshaw, but his header was just over the top.At the end of the game Luxshaw took the ball and passed it to Fee, who played to Ronaldo for the first time. The king chose to pass it to Darote, but his subsequent cross went straight out. Ronaldo was not alone, but his trusted teammates wasted their chances.The manager replaced Rashford in the 84th minute with Elanga, a substitution that was hard to understand because the team were looking to come back from behind rather than accept a 1-1 draw and it was a fantastic feeling to expect the player to reverse the result.The game was about to go into stoppage time when Lingard cut off the ball and chose to pass to Cristiano Ronaldo, who played back to Luxshaw. The attack was finally cleared by Fee’s cross in the box, but Sancho had to steal the ball and finish his shot again.As United continued to attack, Elanga flicked a cross into the box to set up Ronaldo’s header, which was sadly headed over again.In stoppage time Luxshaw threaded the ball straight for Cristiano Ronaldo, whose shot was also blocked, because it was a good chance to score.But with Lingard and Maguire failing to convert their chances in the closing stages, the team’s problems in attack were manifold and Ronaldo certainly should not be blamed too much.There are some problems that united’s manager will have to figure out how to solve, provided they give cristiano Ronaldo, who can make the difference, more chances or lose points.Manchester united 20:30 on February 12, then at home against Southampton, the visiting team ranked 12th in the premiership, is also a strong team, the round of league draw 1-1 at home to Manchester city, the first time this season against Manchester united is a tie, 1 is still 0-0 at Manchester city, 1 tottenham, so keeping the united want to win more difficult.