Rihanna and her boyfriend are ready to welcome their new baby into the world

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The Daily Star reported rihanna and ASAP Rocky on Chinese New Year’s Eve (January 31).Rihanna has had a successful career in recent years, winning a Grammy award as a singer and launching her own fashion line.On a personal level, she and rapper ASAP Rocky have always been sweet and jealous.The two recently shared photos of Rihanna’s pregnancy, and it looks like they’re entering a new phase of their love life.They announced together that they are expecting their first child.The Barbados-born rihanna, 33, reportedly went public with their relationship in 2020, but the pair had been seeing each other since 2016.In an earlier interview ASAP Rocky revealed his attitude towards fatherhood, saying he would be a great dad and thinks he would have a great baby.In the latest photos, Rihanna was spotted with ASAP Rocky in Harlem, New York, wearing an £8,000 hot pink Chanel jacket in the snow.ASAP Rocky, on the other hand, wore a denim jacket with a white hoodie.But this time it wasn’t about the fashion couple’s outfits, it was about Rihanna deliberately unbuttoning her light pink coat, revealing her bump, which she accessorized with a gold chain.ASAP Rocky put his arm around Rihanna and kissed her on the head in this post, which can only be said markedly sweet.Back in 2013, Rihanna appeared in ASAP Rocky’s music video for “Fashion Killa,” and the couple were naturally close.The two were later reported to go shopping together.The year 2020 is full of gossip, but the two of them also naturally, the shopping, the dinner, the love is not hidden.Rihanna took ASAP Rocky to Barbados for Christmas at the end of 2020, and ASAP Rocky reportedly took the break to meet her parents.In 2021, ASAP Rocky revealed his feelings for Rihanna in an interview that was so heartfelt and warm, it literally broke fans’ hearts.At present two people such progress also really let a person feel sweet, we also bless two people!