Sanming: Build a civilized Spring Festival tourism landscape

2022-05-25 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the city will carry out the civilized tourism publicity work with the theme of “accompanied by civilization and accompanied by health” in various scenic spots, travel agencies, star hotels, cultural relics museums and other places to build a civilized and harmonious tourism environment and show the good image of civilized Sanming.City tour department warns a citizen tourists, the Spring Festival travel to conscientiously do a good job in health protection, comply with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, actively cooperate with the staff body temperature detection, such as sweep light yard work, while travelling to consciously keep spacing with other tourists, avoid lumpy, cough, sneeze, pay attention to the elbow, or paper towels cloak, do not spit everywhere, symptoms such as a cold, fever,Stop visiting and go to the fever clinic of the designated hospital in time.Enhance the awareness of safe travel.Early departure, arrival latest epidemic prevention and control policy, query the weather conditions in advance, scenic spots open, tickets booking, passenger flow restriction, etc., reasonable planning and travel route, travel time and travel way, try to avoid peak time travel, not to the medium and high risk areas and regional tourism with local people report.Practice civilized and healthy lifestyle.Wear masks, wash hands frequently, disinfect frequently, gather less, develop “one meter noodles”, use chopsticks and other good habits, reduce the use of disposable tableware, refuse to overeat game, put an end to waste, consciously achieve “disc” action.(Sanming Daily reporter Chen Rui)