Taiyuan South Station: heart-warming measures make the return journey more secure

2022-05-25 0 By

Today, Taiyuan South Railway Station also ushered in the return passenger flow peak, which is expected to send more than 76,000 passengers. Taiyuan South Railway Station deployed in advance, comprehensively strengthened and refined epidemic prevention and control measures, and optimized a number of service measures to ensure the safety and convenience of passengers.When the reporter came to Taiyuan South Station to see, each entrance staff is on each passenger’s itinerary code, health code for inspection, and through the infrared temperature measurement facilities for each passenger station real-time temperature measurement.For those with special needs, the station also offers a self-service service.Zhou Jie, passenger duty officer of Taiyuan South Railway Station: In view of the difficulty of elderly people not being able to provide health code and itinerary code, taiyuan South Railway Station has set up a health information self-service registration machine at the entrance and exit of the station. Passengers can register their health information by swiping their ID card and inputting their mobile phone number.In addition, Taiyuan South Railway Station has posted “policies and measures for epidemic prevention and control in various places” on the bulletin board of the station, strengthening and detailing various epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure passengers’ safe travel.At the same time, in addition to providing convenient services such as wheelchairs and first-aid medicine kits, the station also provided a “love card” service during the Spring Festival travel rush to warm every returning passenger.Taiyuan South station passenger duty officer Zhou Jie: passengers as long as in the heart of the card to fill in the name, bus number, there will be staff accompanied by the whole journey, from the station, ticket, ride, provide convenient services.In terms of return passenger flow, the reporter learned that the passenger flow of Taiyuan South Railway Station has increased significantly since the fifth day of the first lunar month. At present, tickets for popular lines such as Daxi direction and Zheng-Taiyuan direction have also been in a state of tension. In order to ensure the smooth travel of passengers, Taiyuan South Railway Station has been deployed in advance and taken corresponding measures.Taiyuan passenger station attendant Melody: in response to passenger flow peak, taiyuan south station some extra trains, such as Beijing, zhengzhou direction, luliang direction, yuncheng and so on direction, Beijing direction we also added three night train, in key positions we can communications, extra window, on the basis of the traffic situation we will travel to ensure passenger safety, smooth.(Reporter Chen Shuzhou Guansheng) Source: Taiyuan Radio and TELEVISION comprehensive news channel