The 4A scenic spot in Guilin is free of charge during Spring Festival

2022-05-25 0 By

After xiangshan scenic area announced the comprehensive free opening, located in Yangshuo Xingping AAAA level scenic area Sanli • China landscape cultural Resort also launched the Spring Festival holiday free entry activities, for the general public, tourists to provide a good place for the Spring Festival.Three thousand ideas, Chinese landscape humanities resort, located in the essence of the lijiang river landscape with the cheerful ping, another 20 yuan background landmark landscape, cultural theme, for “the fishing qiao geng read” to “four mountains, a pulse, four area, link” natural landscape as the natural layout, to construct the slow movement Yin, the idyll, dream catalpa cottages, firewood Sue 淸 song, clouds the hollow and so on five big scene of leisure life,Tourists can enjoy nature sightseeing, experience intangible cultural heritage experience, farming life, forest and outdoor multi-dimensional vacation enjoyment.Strategies for Strategies produced by New Media Operation Department of Guilin Daily By Li Kai