The secretary of runan County Party Committee visited enterprises to comfort model workers and workers in need

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Observation facts:(article figure/Wu Yu Peng Cong) for days, henan RuNa Li Weiming, secretary of the county party committee, the county committee and the county Qiao Jingzhou, director of the office, in the county peoples congress standing committee of the party group, deputy secretary of the county federation of trade unions chairman Chen Yunhua accompanied, visits condolences of the enterprise to hold a line worker, go deep into the model and hard worker home visit, sent to New Year’s greetings and best wishes.Li Weiming visited yuanxin Machinery Co., Ltd. and other enterprises in the county to learn about the production and operation situation, asked the staff about the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, affirmed their commitment to their posts and due diligence, sent condolence goods to the front-line staff, and encouraged them to seize the “double harvest” of production, operation and prevention and control work.Li Weiming and his delegation also visited Yang Yuzhi, a national model worker, and The family of Wei Yong, an “artisan talent” of Yuyuan Boiler and Mechanical Engineering Company, who was suffering from temporary difficulties. They also visited Cui Liping, an employee who was suffering from illness.At Cui Liping’s home, Li Weiming asked her in detail about her living situation and her children’s schooling, and sent her gifts and money, such as rice, flour and oil, encouraging her to keep an optimistic attitude, firm confidence to overcome difficulties, strive to overcome the disease as soon as possible, and share the achievements of Runan’s reform and development.Li Weiming asked the county federation of trade unions, attaches great importance to the help and rescue work of difficult workers, realistically put the needs of difficult workers in the first place, to help them solve practical difficulties as their own responsibility, the party and the government and the care of the trade union organization to the difficult workers in a timely manner, to ensure that they spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Edit: Torrent