Why can’t the blain of triangle area squeeze?Squeeze. What will happen

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Enter the annual festival of food and drink – Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, eating is happy, but many people have begun to “break out”.”Squeeze pox for a while, has been a straight squeeze pox”.But!If it is a long pox in the triangle area of the face, advise you to stop the hand is ready to squeeze the pox!One, squeeze, what will be the consequences?A lot of people may very disapprovingly, isn’t it just squeeze a pimple?What could go wrong?Oneself also often squeeze blain blain, healthy very much, cannot see blain blain to grow on the face namely, cannot control oneself hand, must want to squeeze.Let’s take a look at two real cases.A 19-year-old ningbo girl named Xiao Yang squeezed a pimple on the bridge of her nose and developed “cavernous sinus thrombophlebitis,” a severe infection inside her brain.Mr. Yu in Jiangsu province squeezed a pimple on his lips, inducing septicemia.These are life-threatening diseases, and such cases are not uncommon every year, are due to “owe” squeeze a long pox in the triangle area.Why is the triangle acne so dangerous?The so-called “triangle” is a triangular area bounded by the tip of the bridge of our nose and the two corners of our mouth.Why can’t you squeeze a pimple here?Is this where the pimple is more toxic?In fact, it is not, the reason why it is dangerous is related to the special physiological position of the triangle area.We have blood vessels all over our bodies, and our faces are no exception.Facial veins, however, have one feature: they don’t have valves.The venous flap acts as a door in the blood vessel that prevents blood from returning.When blood passes through the door, the valves snap shut, preventing the venous blood from backtracking and prompting it to keep flowing forward without looking back.The facial vessels don’t have valves, which means the blood can flow back.It can flow down the neck vein on a normal schedule, or it can flow back inside the skull.The vessels in the triangle, connected to s is the cavernous sinus.Cavernous sinus location can be great, it is vital, veritable “traffic center”.Blood from veins such as the middle cerebral vein and central retinal vein converge here, and nerve pathways such as oculomotor nerve, eye meridian and maxillary nerve also pass through here.So, when we squeeze a pimple with a bacteria-laden hand or other tool, that causes the bacteria to enter the bloodstream, or the pus that caused the pimple to enter the bloodstream.With pathogens blood reflux, arrived in venous sinus, not only can cause the “traffic jam” of venous sinus, embolism, also can let the pathogenic bacteria with every “channel” here to go to different parts of the brain, consequences, light dizziness, headache, vomiting, or meningitis, septicemia, the most serious can lead to death.Three, long acne, what is the correct approach?If you have acne on your face, the first thing to do should be a light diet, heavy spicy food should not eat spicy, so as not to acne grow more.Then, hold back, don’t push!Wait until the acne itself grows “mature”, it will rupture itself, pus will also be discharged, the skin will heal.If it’s too much, be sure to consult a dermatologist, who can help you in a professional way, depending on each person’s situation.Remember, never squeeze yourself!Four, how to prevent acne?1, keep the face clean long acne is due to the keratin cells in the skin hair follicles blocked the sebaceous duct, resulting in the skin oil can not be expelled, so we have to wash our face to remove the excess horniness of the skin.Wash your face with warm water in the morning and evening, and if the skin oil secretes vigorously, you can also use cleansing milk to clean it, but it should choose mild, and it is not appropriate to use too strong cleaning force, which will destroy the skin horniness excessively.2, light diet to not long acne, shut up is also necessary.Try not to eat heavy oil, heavy salt, spicy and other stimulating food, eat less sweets, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.3, healthy lifestyle, usually stay up late less, to ensure adequate sleep;Insist on moderate exercise;Maintain a peaceful mood, timely solution to the heart of boredom and pressure.These are all effective ways to prevent breakouts.