Chen Shuyuan meets with Vietnam football Association not for show, to recruit young players may become a new chapter of national football reform

2022-05-26 0 By

The Chinese men’s national football team has suffered two consecutive defeats in the last two round of 12 matches, and if it had any excuse for losing to Japan, it got a slap in the face when it was humiliated 3-1 by Vietnam on the first day of the Lunar New Year.As China overcame Vietnam and Japan to win the Asian Cup after trailing by two goals at half-time in the final, the men’s team’s performance was somewhat lackluster.Before the match against Vietnam, Association president Chen Shuyuan met with representatives of the Vietnam Football Association (VFA), and it is likely that Chen’s meeting was to learn from the VFA.After the Chinese national football Team failed to qualify for the World Cup, the Football Association has made another major adjustment to the squad, with 10 new players coming to support the national team.And this batch of national team to assist the personnel, mainly to guangzhou team.Guangzhou team: Liao Lisheng, Gao Zhuanyi, Yan Dinghao, Yang Liyu, Wu Shaocong Shandong Team: Duan Liuyu Beijing Team: Gao Tianyi Guangzhou City: Han Jiaqi Chongqing Team: Jiang Shenglong Team:TongLei must choose and employ persons than in the past, the team’s basic it is veteran will continue to use, the couple rarely get the chance to play, and now all of a sudden BuZhao 10 players, is obviously to alert by defeat in Vietnam, to know Vietnam was once during Asia, but with the rise of Vietnam youth Vietnam team performance is constantly rising,Youth training may bring a short period of pain, but it can be competitive for a long time after the success of the youth training.And that 10 players there is no doubt that is new, the oldest Liao Lisheng only 29 years old, compared to the team’s line-up, now is more young, apparently the football association on purpose, is in the next game, the use of more new, for the next Asian games, Asian cup and to prepare for the next World Cup, while veterans great probability will take a back seat,No longer a starter.Wings Liao Lisheng, high accurate, Wu Shaocong, two other leaders being Chen ming-shu too defensive core is likely to be served as the team’s next game, and the goalkeeper Han Jiaqi will secure the Chinese team, midfield has high providence, Duan Liu fool, Yang Liyu, Dai Weijun, YanDingHao, while yuning zhang and WeiShiHao will forward arrow characters, the technical features of different can also has a more offensive tactics on the offensive end.I hope the National football Team can draw lessons from what has happened and make no breakthrough. At the moment when it can’t lose any more, it can turn over its lineup and face the next matches with a new look, so that the young players can have more play and the national football team can ignite the passion of the majority of fans once again.