“Feed!Your wife left in weiyuan service area!”

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On the afternoon of February 7, a woman was left behind by her husband and niece at the service area of Rongzun Expressway weiyuan. Fortunately, with the help of the expressway police, her “lonely” wife was able to return to the service.

At about 16:50 on the same day, a woman ran to the police for help, saying that she had been forgotten by her husband in the service area and hoped that the police could help contact her husband.

It is understood that the woman, her husband and niece were driving to Guangzhou and had a short rest in weiyuan service area. After the woman went to the bathroom in the service area, she found that she could not find the car to take. Her mobile phone was left in the car, and she did not remember the phone number and license plate of her family, so she asked the police for help.
The woman turned to the police for help
The woman described the incident to the police, while wiping tears, police patiently to appease the woman’s emotions, and immediately transferred to the monitoring of the service area to determine the woman in the vehicle.

Eventually, the police contacted the woman’s husband Chen after searching in many ways.Received a call from the police, Chen and his niece have been driving to rong Zun highway 33 kilometers outside the Zigong service area, careless husband found his wife did not get on the car, immediately drove back to weiyuan service area.

The woman and her family thanked the police for their help, saying: “The high-speed traffic police are really close to the masses!”
Sichuan highway public security tips
The expressway service area is usually in a remote location, with many passing vehicles and large flow of people. When the majority of drivers and passengers stop and rest in the service area, the accompanying personnel should take their mobile phones, ID cards and valuables with them when leaving the vehicle.Before driving, the driver should also carefully check whether the personnel on the car is complete and whether the items are missing. If forgotten, you can call 12122 for help or call the police for help in the service area.
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Do not travel to affected areas.Citizens should pay close attention to the situation in China and refrain from going abroad, especially to cities where cases have been reported.After returning from a trip or business trip to other provinces, it is recommended to take a nucleic acid test and self-health monitoring for 14 days. In case of any uncomfortable symptoms such as fever or dry cough, go to the nearest fever clinic immediately.

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