Stay alert!Four cross-border truck drivers in Shenzhen tested positive for nucleic acid

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Four cross-border truck drivers tested positive for nucleic acid at shenzhen port on Feb 11, according to the official account “Shenzhen Port Release”.The four patients are the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th cross-border driver positive patients detected at Shenzhen port since February 4.From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 11, 24 new imported COVID-19 cases were reported in Guangdong province, including 5 asymptomatic cases. Six new cases were reported in Guangzhou. Three were from Russia, and the remaining three were from Mongolia, Venezuela and Turkey.Thirteen cases were reported in Shenzhen, 10 in Hong Kong and the remaining three in South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia.Two cases were reported from Foshan, both from Hong Kong, China;Two cases were reported in Dongguan, both from Hong Kong, China;One case has been reported in Yangjiang from the Philippines.Ten asymptomatic cases imported from abroad were reported, including three from Russia, Malaysia and Turkey in Guangzhou.Shenzhen reported 2 cases, one from Hong Kong, China and one from Indonesia;Foshan reported 2 cases from Hong Kong, China and UAE.Three cases were reported in Dongguan, all from Hong Kong, China.Another 10 patients were discharged from hospital, and 224 are now in hospitals.As of 24:00 On February 11, a total of 7,440 COVID-19 positive cases (5,372 imported from abroad) had been reported in The province, including 3,925 confirmed cases (2,240 imported from abroad) and 3,515 asymptomatic cases (3,132 imported from abroad).A total of 99 new confirmed cases were reported in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps between midnight and 24:00 On February 11, the National Health Commission said.Among them, 59 imported cases were reported, including 24 in Guangdong, 14 in Fujian, seven in Shanghai, five in Sichuan, three in Shandong, two in Liaoning, two in Guangxi, one in Tianjin and one in Heilongjiang. Ten asymptomatic cases were turned into confirmed cases, including five in Guangdong, four in Sichuan and one in Guangxi.There were 40 local cases (30 in Guangxi, all in Baise;10 cases in Liaoning province, all in Huludao City).No new deaths were reported.One new suspected case was imported from abroad (in Shanghai).Edit | founded town propaganda style tourism office review | | frogn, Luo Zhentang, ailing li ying source health China, guangdong, zen city share distribution points