The story: She eloped with her boyfriend, moved in with her fiance, and was forced to find another love when she got pregnant

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Liang Yinru ran away, eloping with her boyfriend, unwilling to ask her parents for an arranged marriage.In fact, her parents gave her a good marriage, fiance Zhao Yanfei is also a college student, his grandfather is the late Qing Dynasty.Liang yinru’s grandfather was a county magistrate in the Qing Dynasty. Liang’s family and Zhao’s were family friends, so Liang Yinru got married to Zhao Yanfei at an early age.But on the new school liang Yin such as not arranged marriage, she wants marriage freedom.She is in love with her classmate Li Nan.Li Nan actually had wives in arranged marriages, but he was not satisfied with arranged marriages and did not like illiterate wives.Liang Yingru and Li Nan eloped to Chengdu and went to a normal university together.But li Nan’s parents cut off the economic source of Li Nan, do not send money to Li Nan, liang Yin such as from the home to come out more did not take how many money, so two people not only tuition becomes a problem, even living expenses become a problem.Li Nan decided to go back to his hometown for money. His family were rich peasants and were very rich in his hometown.But Li Nan never came back, for he had been detained and imprisoned.The home does not agree with him and hair wife divorce, more do not let him marry outside of the female student.Liang Yin such as waiting for Li Nan to take money back, left li Nan also don’t come, right Li Nan also don’t come, and so on, wait until a person, this person is her fiance Zhao Yanfei.Zhao Yanfei sent liang Yin such as a sum of money, this is a timely help.Liang Yinru carefully looked at Zhao Yanfei, found that he looked good, regular appearance, temperament gentle, not worse than Li Nan.Since Li Nan did not want her, Zhao Yanfei did not care about her betrayal, why did she not accept The love of Zhao Yanfei?So Liang yinru and Zhao Yanfei lived together, Zhao Yanfei promised liang Yinru to go to college, and then they went abroad to study together.Liang Yinru is immersed in the happiness of the future.But zhao Yanfei brought that money quickly ran out, two rich young men and women do not know thrift, money such as water.Zhao Yanfei went home to take the money, this go, like Li Nan, never to return.Liang yinru was worried, not because of money anxiety, but because she found out she was pregnant.She secretly hate Zhao Yanfei, he cheated himself.But she did not expect that Zhao Yanfei was also detained down at home, zhao does not agree to Marry Liang Yinru Zhao Yanfei.Liang Yin such as eloping with her boyfriend, make a boiling profusion, zhao liang Yin such as so corrupt daughter-in-law.Pregnant Liang Yinru had no money to pay for the hotel, and the boss was so angry that he claimed to sell her.At this moment Liang Yinru encountered rescuer, liu Dahai of a literary male youth comes occasionally inn to visit friend saw her, admire to her at first sight, take her overnight escape inn.Liang Yin if appearance is very comely, conceived namely pregnant also have lovely and moving state, pardonable Liu Dahai can fall in love with her.Liu Dahai is also very poor, two people live a life of little food and clothing.A few months later, Liang Yinru gave birth to an emaciated baby girl, who was taken away by Liu Dahai.She did not want to see baby girl, see baby girl, think of that unfaithful Han Zhao Yanfei.She wants to begin new life with new lover Liu Dahai, the child that cannot let predecessor comes drag.Liu Dahai is taking Liang Yinsuch as to come to Shanghai, Liu Dahai falls in the introduction of a friend, become editor in a newspaper, after having stable income, the day of two people is getting better and better.Liang Yinru wrote a novel to contribute, her novel by a literary veteran writer yu Mou appreciation, soon, she became famous.But after a good day, the couple is not with each other.Liu Dahai not only refused to marry her formally, still often philandists, and other female writers entangled.Liang Yinsuch as expressed his jealousy, and Liu Dahai dispute, Liu Dahai noisy liang Yinsuch as, she began to play.Liu Dahai body is strong, thin liang Yin such as natural dozen however Liu Dahai, only be beaten share.Liang Yinru often cries, on the surface of her face is a sunny smile, but secretly she shed a lot of tears.She is good envy old writer at some cohabitation cummer xiao Lin, at some in the countryside have arranged marriage knot hair wife, but he simply ignore knot hair wife, the cohabitation cummer Xiao Lin when his wife, let his students call Xiao Lin as teacher mother.Yu mou old husband young wife lead very conjured love, xiao Lin returned yu Mou gave birth to a son.Xiao Lin’s life is happy and stable, while Liang Yinru’s is neither happy nor stable.Xiao Lin is not as good-looking as Liang Yinru, but luckier than Liang Yinru.Actually Liang Yin such as discovery old writer yu mou may be in secret love oneself, because old writer yu Mou treats her too good.But unrequited love belongs to unrequited love, yu mou is still very loyal to xiao Lin, use liang Yin such as change xiao Lin’s meaning.Liang Yinru was pregnant again, but Liu Dahai refused to marry her.Then sun Yiliang, one of her suitors, proposed to her.She resolutely married Sun Yiliang, since Sun Yiliang does not mind that she is a pregnant woman, she has what not willing?She did not love Sun Yiliang, but she wanted to have a stable home.She and Sun Yiliang came to guangzhou to settle down.She was sad that she was always carrying one man’s child with another man who was not the father of her fetus.If she had not rebelled against feudal marriage and eloped with her boyfriend, she would have married her fiance Zhao Yanfei and lived a stable life.Liang Yinru suddenly found herself longing for a stable life, but she never had it.A few months later, Liang Died in childbirth at the age of 32.