Blockbuster!We will crack down on improper practices in TV dramas such as sky-high salaries for actors and yin-yang contracts

2022-05-27 0 By

The beginning of a New Year is always full of new changes and new policies.A large part of these policies may be designed to prepare the ground for “common prosperity”.Among them, the National Radio and Television Administration issued the “14th Five-year plan for the Development of Chinese TV dramas” for actors’ remuneration.Highlights: The actors’ total remuneration should not exceed 40% of the production cost, and the lead actor’s salary should not exceed 70%.This is the country in a serious deal with the occurrence of tax evasion, as well as to severely crack down on the sky-high remuneration, Yin and Yang contracts and other TV improper wind!Now people’s material life has been basically able to achieve, more time is in the pursuit of spiritual life, people’s more and more capital spending is in the spiritual pleasure.But in recent years, the bonus feels like everyone wants a piece of it, no matter how good their acting skills are or how good their looks are.As a result, most of the budget of many movies and TV series is spent on the actors.In order to achieve high flow rate, the director can only give high salary to the actor to avoid his investment flowing away like water.In contrast, the budget of other aspects, such as shooting, special effects and post-production, is greatly reduced, which seriously affects the quality of the work itself.Therefore, the high remuneration for actors has become a heavy burden on the film and television industry.Now the implementation of this policy can be foreseen, the development of the film and television industry will tend to be more fair and quality development.In addition, actors don’t get high salaries, so there won’t be so much tax evasion, the country won’t lose so much tax, and it will be better for the construction of public utilities.For example, the e-commerce industry cannot do without the network base. Only by vigorously developing the network business of every inch of land in China can the e-commerce industry rise rapidly.Therefore, for the audience, it is one thing that actors do not get sky-high salaries and can pay taxes according to law, but more importantly, the improvement of their acting skills is the key to the problem.No pains, no gains!In order to make actors have good works and the motivation to improve their acting skills, we can try to set up a tiered reward, which can be paid according to the actors’ acting ability.In the long run, there will be more and more dedicated actors and actresses, so that domestic TV dramas can be really promoted!Then there will be more good works presented to the audience, so that the audience can spend the most money, to feel the most pleasant spiritual enjoyment.So for you, what do you think of this policy?