Cuba: secretive and enthusiastic, full of trouble and life

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When people think of Cuba, they probably think of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.But in fact, the country in the northwest Caribbean has many other iconic names, such as “the world’s sugar pot” and “Home of Havana Cigars.”We feel mysterious about this country, but we don’t know how to reveal it.Liu Xiaoqian, a veteran foreign correspondent who specializes in in-depth investigative reporting, tells us his personal experience and thoughts in Cuba in his new non-fiction work, Hurricane Over The Sugar Cane field.In Liu qian’s works, we can not only experience the death of Castro, Obama’s visit to Cuba, the restoration of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, but also have a deep understanding of the daily life of The Cuban people.Liu visited Cuba nine times in depth and described it as a place of secrecy, warmth, trouble and life.He sees Cuba as a complex and vast object of observation, and over the years, a lovely, modern side of the island has emerged that we ordinary readers have difficulty imagining.In “Hurricane Over the Sugar Field,” Liu offers a seven-point account of his experiences in Cuba, written in remarkably plain but witty prose.Due to the limitations of our understanding, we inevitably have some stereotypes about Cuba.But Liu Qian’s Cuba, pour quite a bit of moving color, that noisy human fireworks, can always evoke some of our hearts touched.For example, Cubans love ice cream so much that they sometimes eat it as a meal. They can even get some insight into life while enjoying strawberry and chocolate ice cream.For example, Every New Year, Cubans will drag suitcases around the neighborhood to pray for more opportunities to go abroad in this way.At first glance, these daily lives sound interesting, but in fact, the author does not stop at these aspects of daily life, but more in-depth into some international events, so that readers can not only see the lives of ordinary people, but also watch the changes of the international situation.What’s more, Liu will also select some far-reaching international events, such as the change of US-Cuba relations, to interpret them, so that ordinary readers who have no knowledge of international diplomacy can extract some effective information from them.I had expected the topics of international relations to be boring, but I was pleasantly surprised by how Often Liu qian started from small things, and then developed a new way to show the impact of the international situation on the daily lives of ordinary people from the outside to the inside.So from the phenomenon to the essence layer upon layer of in-depth analysis, is really let people shout!Vintage Cuban cars, for example, are ubiquitous, but these are “artifacts of a particular period of peace.”After the collapse of relations with the United States and the Soviet Union, Cuba was unable to import daily goods such as cars from abroad, and people were forced to prolong the life of scrap goods, making “vintage cars” a common sight in Havana.The wisdom and way of life of the Cuban people was slowly formed in such a special era.If we follow Liu Qian’s story, it is not hard to find that Cuba is not only poor and backward, it also has a happy time.However, the wheel of history will not stop at a certain period of time, as a traveler in the long history, people can only be swept by the current of The Times.In Liu Qian’s writings, we can see the unique social style of Cuba in different periods, the lovely and simple temperament of The Cuban people, and the optimism and enthusiasm of the Cuban people in the face of extremely limited living conditions.Liu Xiaoqian, a former journalist, combines literariness and documentary perfectly in the work “Hurricane Swept over The Cane Field”.In liu Qian’s observation, there are not only Cuba, but also its people and other aspects of the field.Thus, “Hurricane Over The Cane Field” is a kaleidoscope of Cuban society, the life of its people and the complex international situation.If we say, most of the countries in the world are in a hurry to hurry the pace, rushing to move forward.Cuba, on the other hand, is a middle-aged man, taking his time to develop its economy, and cubans are used to such a slow pace.The country is not as rich as the developed world, but at least it has a strong pulse.”Hurricane Over The Cane Field”, a non-fiction work, radiates a peculiar charm of ease throughout, I suppose, because Cuba is perpetually a happy-go-lucky country.