Huoshan County: The cooperation between social security and banking helps the third generation social security card to open a new era of universal benefits

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Since 2021, huoshan County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security has been actively coordinating and scheduling cooperative banks to carry out the replacement of third-generation cards and financial activities benefiting the people while fully promoting the “one-card” service for residents based on social security cards, ensuring that the third-generation cards are actively replaced and the people enjoy universal benefits.1. Incremental quality improvement of outlets and active replacement of third-generation cards.In order to let the masses achieve social security business “do nearby”, the county actively promote the construction of “one-stop” bank outlets.On the one hand, promote network expansion.There are a total of 59 bank outlets in the county. At present, there are 58 “one-stop” bank outlets, accounting for over 98%, covering 16 towns and townships, and one park, realizing “only enter one door” for the masses.On the other hand, control network service.County bureau of Human Resources and Social Security staff of the county “one-stop” bank service network to carry out the bottom check work, standardize the handling process, improve the service level.2. Integration of social bank accounts to promote inclusive finance.Deeply integrate the functions of social security card financial account and social security account to further promote inclusive finance.Social security card cooperative bank in the county actively cooperate with merchants, broaden the application scenarios, to promote social security card marketing work.At present, more than 10 merchants have been expanded to carry out full discount activities such as movie viewing, supermarket consumption, full discount, strawberry picking and other full discount activities, involving parent-child tourism, movie viewing, supermarket, refueling, car washing and other industries.Through a variety of social security card activities to benefit the people, so that the masses really enjoy the benefit of the people.Next, the county will actively explore the implementation of the “social and banking cooperation” service model, in the service space continues to expand, the service level continues to improve, service types continue to diversify, so that the third generation of social security card to open a higher level of “convenience for the people and benefit the people” new era.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: