See xiaogu crazy gold, are feeling the success of education, but this is the parents draw on

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To see Kotani go crazy for the cards, to the point of dominating the arena, crushing the other players.From her competition, many people will feel that she is to enjoy the competition, she is to play, or can have a “big heart”?And other players seem to be in the competition, whether excited tears or chagrin tears, anyway is a kind of long-term training after the release of the feeling!But there was no such release in Keri’s place, and every game she played was even like a show, easily won!Everyone is boiling, the most boiling is the parents…There was a heated discussion about xiaogu’s education model. Is it chicken or Buddha?There are different opinions, some people support it is a chicken baby, otherwise Mother Gu can persist in bringing her baby back to the class every summer and winter vacation?There are also people who support Buddhism. Gu’s mother also tells Gu to enjoy the journey, the result is not that important!In fact, these are too difficult to understand, ordinary people are too difficult to do, nothing can be copied reference, even if parents have the energy and financial support for the development of children’s interests, also need to consider the child’s talent;Even if the child has a certain area of expertise, can face all kinds of test pressure, can balance the time is still a problem!But there is one point, small art teacher is to see, and I think in fact in the school, a lot of students have this point, especially those who make teachers and parents are special headache special can not calm naughty naughty children, they have a characteristic and small valley, at least in essence some similar!1, many of the children, and dell have a similar point, that is “optimistic” attitude actually in school, many students are very positive, probably in parents seem to heavy heart, it seems to many teachers is to score doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter to the result, to own request is low, but in fact it is their resistance to setbacks, strong resistance to pressure the best performance.After all, Xiaogu also has a “big heart”, with a super optimistic spirit, so that she can really face setbacks and pressure, withstand!Instead of admiring Xiao Gu’s talent, parents should give their children more trust and confidence. So, should parents be happy?What’s more, we should reflect on how to cultivate these children with strong self-healing ability. They may not get satisfactory grades temporarily, and it is difficult to study hard like a good student, but they have the ability to resist pressure, and this innate ability to resist pressure comes from their confidence in themselves.But in reality, many children in the process of study and life, more and more are hit by all kinds of blows, such as never do as good as the children next door, grades are not the first, homework quality is not as fast as others……And so on and so on, slowly kill the child’s confidence, so that they began to gradually lose confidence in themselves, they will begin to ask themselves: “everyone says THAT I do not do well, is it true that I can not?”In the long run, slowly this ability to resist pressure will disappear, become sensitive and afraid, the more nervous the exam, the more likely to lose morale, unable to recover from the failure in time, naturally there will be no good results.No matter how much xiaogu has experienced hardships, keeping confidence is the key, it is worth parents to reflect on no matter how much xiaogu has experienced hardships, I believe she fell more than anyone, but I believe her mother will not taunt her, will not put her and others than I believe is more encouragement and acceptance, just let xiaogu go so far!So, did the parents know?Do the students understand?We don’t have Xiaogu’s talent, but we can learn from her strong will and always have confidence in ourselves. Parents always believe in their children and believe that this strong bond of faith will lead their children to progress gradually. Positive energy will always bring more opportunities to their children than negative energy.Good student’s research method, efficient skill, easy to get the good grades small art teacher during morning independent study 99.99 yuan to buy a column good students have a good method, both school education and family education, every step is very important, obviously during the skill, to be parents and children understand is not only in learning, including lifestyle, parent-child relationship, etc.All need children and parents to work together!Subscribe column, build good Bridges!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to small art teacher morning self-study