Sha Yi and Hu Ke sun photo welcome the New Year, no yan out of the mirror state is super good, still sweet after the derailage storm

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Guide language: New Year is coming, many stars attended Spring Festival Gala, do not know this year’s Spring Festival has the idol that you like?Do you still remember the real couple Shayi and Hu Ke?On January 30, the 28th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar, sha Yi, the male star who has not been seen for a long time, posted an update on her social media platform: “Goodbye 2021, hello 2022”, along with a photo of her and Hu Ke going out to play, to welcome the arrival of the New Year online.In the photos, Shayi, wearing a green down jacket and cap, is seen holding Hu ke’s arm and his wife’s waist with one hand and leaning his head on his wife’s head.And Hu Ke is in perfect condition, hands together, smiling, they both look very happy, in addition, there is another very striking thing, the place where they took the photo, is Beijing CCTV, they seem not to be affected by the previous disturbance.The cause of this matter also from wang Yuelun event, wang Yuelun’s divorce declaration, also let the netizens sigh with the connotation of the divorce declaration, at this time, there was someone on the Internet shayi derailed a staff member.What makes people more angry is that the Internet is also rumored hu Ke to shayi work place make a scene, but also spread Wang Yuelun was photographed with the beauty, is someone deliberately put out for Shayi file gun, online also spread the chat record of this matter, also do not know where to find it.Sha Yi, who has been married to Hu Ke for 11 years, posted a statement from her lawyer denying the affair and defending her rights.In the face of false rumors, Hu ke directly posted a photo of Sha Yi and her two sons celebrating her birthday to prove that the couple still love each other as before.After marriage, they have two sons of their feelings have always been very sweet, but, because the couple are insiders, emotional life of attention they are also difficult to escape the scandal, now they hand in hand through the storm, still love as ever, this shows that the two of the feelings of rock solid.In recent years, Hu Ke has also embarked on the road of live broadcasting with goods. In addition to filming, they will also broadcast live. It can be seen that the live broadcasting industry is very popular now.Sha Yi is focused on the entertainment industry, whether variety or film and television have harvested good results, but the most impressive to him, or the “Swordsman” in The “Swordsman” bai Zhantang and “Xiao Joy” in the “daddy Qiao Weidong.Conclusion: we have to say that sha Yi and Hu Ke’s feelings are really good, but also the entertainment circle rare true love, after all, married for many years, Sha Yi has no gossip, Sha Yi and Hu Ke for many years, there is no black spot, I hope the two little handsome boy can, healthy, smooth grow up.