Station B posted a long response to the sudden death of an employee

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The hashtag “B station apologizes to the families of employees who died in a sudden death” topped the list today (Feb 9).According to media reports on February 7, the content security center of B station issued a notice to all staff members saying that the staff had been reported to work from 9:30 to 18:30 and had no overtime work in the week before the incident.Late yesterday night (February 8), the official weibo account of B station @bilibili Bullet screen posted an official public response to the incident.Station B said that “Twilight Muxin” as the acting leader of the graphic and text audit team, leading the team on duty during the Spring Festival.In addition, B station said that it will expand the recruitment of audit staff by 1,000 this year.The increase of manpower can effectively reduce the per capita working pressure.According to the notification of overtime work during the Spring Festival, “Twilight Muxin”, an employee of the content security center of STATION B, suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage at her home in Wuhan on the afternoon of February 4. Before she fell into a coma, she urgently dialed 120 emergency number and later died due to ineffective rescue efforts.”Twilight” wood heart in May 2020 to join B station wuhan branch, in nearly two years, he is serious and responsible work, is kind, is engaged in the content of the safety audit work, is an all-weather special attributes of the work, even if is the Spring Festival holiday, content security audit work, can’t stop need to shift on duty, to get the job done.”Twilight wood heart” as the picture and text audit group on behalf of the leader, he did not return home for the New Year, led the group to arrange eight hours a day, five rest two Spring Festival rotation schedule plan.Station B said the company offered three times the legal daily pay to its staff on duty during the Spring Festival.Notice, the staff “twilight wood heart” disease on the day, should have come to the company on duty in the afternoon.At around 17:00 PM, colleagues in the department learned that he had been hospitalized urgently after they called him because he did not show up. His supervisor and HR colleagues rushed to the hospital to visit him and informed his family members from other areas to go to Wuhan.Later that night, doctors declared him dead of a brain hemorrhage.The report said that after the death of Twilight heart, the family and colleagues are in great grief and shock, related communication, the aftermath of the work was in chaos.For this, STATION B expresses its deep apology to the family of “Twilight Wood heart”.According to the notice, station B sent a special team to Wuhan on Monday to console the families of the “Twilight Heart” and have communicated with the families about the aftermath.In addition, station B will recruit more than 1,000 examiners this year and increase the number of staff physical examinations.Suspected family members spoke out: After the accident, the company did not even offer condolences to the family members of the employee suspected of sudden death @ Finally, lose said: I saw that the company cancelled my brother’s enterprise wechat account, trying to suppress the matter in various ways.”Now my brother is gone, and you don’t even send someone to offer condolences, let alone talk about negotiations, so you spend all your time making up lies?”@ finally, lose say.According to workplace blogger @Wang Luobei, the leader of the AI audit team in Wuhan of Station B, who was required to work overtime during the Chinese New Year, died of cerebral hemorrhage in the early morning of 5th.The intensity of the work is said to be 12 hours, 9 PM to 9 am, non-stop.B station previously said that the employee did not work overtime 7 days a week before the incident, B station issued a notice that the first working day after the Spring Festival, to tell you a very sad thing, content security center graphic review department’s partner “Twilight mu Xin” left us forever.”On the afternoon of February 4, Twilight Heart became unwell at home and sought urgent medical attention,” it said.Relevant business supervisors, managers and HR rushed to the hospital immediately after learning the situation to cooperate with the relevant procedures, and informed his family members of his condition, which then rushed to the hospital.Unfortunately, he died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage at around 20pm.”Twilight joined STATION B in May 2020 and worked hard and responsibly for nearly two years, making work plans for his team before the Spring Festival, the notice said.However, as for the online rumor that he died of sudden death after working overtime, after the internal attendance check, he went to and from work according to the work schedule, working hours from 9:30 to 18:30, five days off two days, there was no overtime in the week before the incident.Station B also said that it has set up a special team, is cooperating with the police and family members to deal with the follow-up matters, to do their best to comfort relatives and related aftermath work.Please pay attention to your health. If you feel unwell, you can take paid sick leave or communicate with your supervisor, take a rest and seek medical treatment in time.Source: