They cracked a big case and the Ministry of Public Security called to congratulate them

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Recently, under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security, Chongqing Public Security Bureau criminal investigation team joint Banan District public security bureau, successfully cracked a large transnational telecommunications network fraud case, string and the national case of more than 470, identified the involved amount of 350 million yuan;The value of assets seized and frozen amounted to more than 63 million yuan;Arrested 168 criminal suspects, including 55 suspects such as overseas fraud financiers and backbones, the whole chain destroyed a large transnational network fraud criminal group, the Ministry of Public Security for this special congratulatory message!Ms Lin (pseudonym) lives in other places with her family all the year round. She usually takes her grandchildren and does housework at home. In her spare time, she will fry stocks, but the investment is small.In early April 2021, Lin received a phone call from an unknown woman who claimed to be a stock researcher who would teach and recommend stocks for free.Ms. Lin hesitated for a moment, but thought she wouldn’t give money anyway, so she might as well go and learn.With Ms. Lin’s consent, he pulled her into a wechat group.After joining the group, Ms. Lin found that there were about 150 people in the group. Every morning and afternoon, there were two so-called “lecturers” giving lectures live by voice at fixed points, mainly teaching some investment skills and recommending stocks. They also told us in detail when to buy and sell stocks.Within a few days, Ms. Lin earned more than 7,000 yuan by buying stocks recommended by “lecturer”. In addition, other members of the group also reported that they made a small amount of money through “lecturer”. One after another, Ms. Lin thought she had found a way to make money and believed in the “lecturer”.From time to time, the “lecturer” also creates positive people.In the communication with the group members, “lecturer” said that he did not like the behavior of cutting off small retail investors “leek”. He always wanted to contribute his own strength for free, and pooled everyone’s resources to fight against the big ones, just like the “incarnation of justice”, which was positively responded by the group members including Ms. Lin.So, in late April, “lecturer” launched the so-called “thunder action”, which is to organize a number of chat groups of about 8,000 people to speculate virtual currency.”He said that after earning money, he would gather everyone’s strength to invest in a stock and make money together, refusing to be ‘cut leek’.””Ms. Lin later recalled.During about 10 days from the end of April to the beginning of May, Ms. Lin and her two sisters at home joined in and downloaded an APP for currency speculation through the link provided by the “lecturer”. After a small amount of investment at first, they soon reaped benefits, the book amount increased and the cash withdrawal was smooth.Their trust in the “lecturer” and the APP deepened, and the total investment reached more than 1 million yuan.On May 8, when the three of them tried to withdraw cash, they found that their account could not be logged in, and they were kicked out of the group chat and cut off contact with all relevant people.That’s when they realize they’ve been cheated.In mid-June 2021, Banan District branch of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau received clues handed over by the criminal investigation Team.Through the initial investigation found that the implementation of fraud is a telecommunications network fraud gang squatted in Southeast Asia, they rented venues and equipment in the Philippines, Cambodia and other countries, the use of online false investment platform telecom network fraud, a case of money is very huge.The case is of great significance, the Municipal Public Security Bureau promoted the investigation of the case, led by the Municipal Public Security Bureau criminal investigation team, Banan District Public Security Sub-bureau selected elite police force to form a special case team, and reported to the Ministry of Public Security to supervise the handling of the case.The division of labor within the gang is very clear.”Salesmen” play different roles and lure victims into chat groups to discuss investment topics by making phone calls, adding wechat or QQ.Usually a chat group of 70 or 80 people, various occupations and identities, are disguised as “salesman”.In order to let the victims experience the authenticity of the chat group, the “salesmen” will communicate and even debate according to the established language, in order to create a sense of reality.Subsequently, “lecturer” on the stage, through the chat group to teach stock trading knowledge and other investment secrets, and interaction with the “salesman”, continue to build a sense of reality, win the victim’s trust.During the period, the “lecturer” will also throw out some so-called good, so that the victim will gain short-term benefits, and further gain their trust.When the time is ripe, the “lecturer” will, for a variety of reasons, induce the victim to download some difficult to distinguish between true and false investment and financial planning APP, induce the victim to top up the investment in the platform, and in the early stage through background manipulation, let the victim benefit from small, constantly induce its large investment.When the amount of money into a certain extent, the gang will deliberately create the stock market crash, speculation failure and other false appearances, the funds locked up, concentrated seal “kill pig”, then quickly cut off contact, destroy traces.What if someone is alert along the way and sees the scam?The other side has a plan to deal with it.According to the police, after the establishment of the chat group, there will be a special person in the background monitoring, low interaction and suspicious people will immediately kick out of the group chat, with a disguised account for replacement, so that other victims have the illusion of no change in the group members.As the number of fake accounts increases, victims end up seeing only positive and supportive voices in the group.”What seems like a hundred chat groups may end up being only one or two.”Handling the case police admitted.12 provinces and cities and aborted gangs to prevent fraud in mind that regular channel since June 2021, after a careful investigation, some policeman overcome cross-border hit the difficulties encountered during the epidemic prevention and control, travelling, travelling back and forth many times travel yunnan, guizhou, guangdong, shandong and other 12 provinces and cities, day and night, continuous fighting, followed the track,A total of 168 criminal suspects have been arrested, and all have taken compulsory criminal measures.At present, the case is still being further dug and recovered.In recent years, with the economic development, the awareness of “you don’t manage money, money ignore you” has been gradually rooted in people’s minds. Investment and financial management behaviors such as investing in stocks and buying funds have become a very common and even important habit in more and more people’s lives.And at the same time, fraudsters also targeted these investment financial behavior of the crowd.According to the city anti-fraud center police: brush single rebate, killing pig plate and other types of fraud are finally to guide the victim to participate in false investment and financial management, so as to defraud money.Therefore, in the current electric fraud cases, there are many fraud cases involving investment and financial management, and the loss is very huge.And, with the rapid development of information network technology, telecommunications network fraud means renovation, fraud gangs are more organized, fraud process presents a long cycle, links, multi-means overlay, cross-platform implementation characteristics, extremely confusing.In the face of such cunning, so orderly “enemy”, how to clear the fog, do effective screening, prevent being cheated?The police remind: when investing and financing, the general public should not easily believe the financial products recommended by strangers, do not be confused by the advertisements of high returns, and do not transfer money to strangers or strange institutions.Investment and financing must be handled by formal and official financial institutions, or on the formal APP downloaded from the application mall or the application market.Source: Chongqing Criminal Investigation