Biden no longer hide, clamor for Taiwan invasion?Russia and China are working together to make the White House look good

2022-05-28 0 By

In recent years, the relations between the United States and China and Russia have continued to deteriorate, mainly because the United States has repeatedly targeted China and Russia for its own interests, not only restricting Russia’s economic development, but also slandering China in the international community and interfering in China’s internal affairs.Seeing that America’s behaviour is getting worse, China and Russia are determined to join forces to counter it.Will Biden send troops to Taiwan?During a video call between the US and Russian leaders, Mr Biden reportedly stressed more than once that the US would do everything possible to prevent Taiwan’s return, possibly by force.In fact, not to mention before, the United States is now doing the same.The US has brought Japan on board with its intervention in Taiwan, and there are reports that they have now agreed to co-operate and even signed a draft of a joint operation that would send troops to support a Mainland attack on Taiwan.Of course, the United States has not only intervened in the Taiwan issue, but also played a significant role in the recent conflict between Japan, Russia and Ukraine.02 putin said the United States and NATO alliance said publicly that they will support the Ukraine, even sent a large number of troops in the Russian border, see both sides now at swords’ points, situation continued to deteriorate, putin said directly if NATO and the United States to continue to send more British troops at the border, Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in the neighborhood.It was Mr Putin’s tough stance that prompted the us to talk to him, but apparently no agreement was reached.Recently, In an interview with the media, The US Secretary of State Blinken also threatened Russia again, saying that in the future, they will restrict the export of electronic products and so on, hoping to better curb the development of The Russian economy by this way.Their actions have sparked heated international debate.Many people believe that the more the United States targets China and Russia, the warmer their relations become, and that’s exactly what’s going on.Take military cooperation as an example. At present, China and Russia have reached a number of military projects.In terms of economic cooperation, the two sides also agreed to use each other’s currencies to settle bilateral trade and accelerate the dedollarization.Even in the area of new energy, we have reached cooperation in natural gas.It can be said that the relationship between China and Russia is very close. Once the US decides to attack either country, it will eventually face the situation of “1V2”.But we believe that although the US has a lot of problems with China and Russia, they are not willing to start a war easily. After all, all three countries have nuclear weapons and there is no guarantee that the situation will get worse.Disclaimer: picture source network, if there is infringement please contact to inform.For some information, refer to global Times