Chinese traditional color: A preliminary study on grass white

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Grass white, one of the traditional Chinese colors of white.There are two versions, one is the color of white grass, the other is the color of grass roots.White grass: Pennisetum centrasiaticum Tzvel.) Inverted grass, white flowers and plants.It is a perennial grass of gramineae.With transverse rootstock.Culms erect, solitary or caespitose, 20 — 90 cm tall.Russia, Japan, China and Central Asia;In China, it is distributed in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan (northwest), Yunnan (north), Xizang and other provinces.More in the elevation of 800-4600 meters hillside and dry place.It is an excellent pasture.The whole grass can be used as medicine.Chinese thatch root: alias: Chinese thatch root, ground tube, rugen, blue root, white thatch root (scientific name: Perotis indica (L.) Kuntze) is a perennial herb of gramineae.Plant height 20-80 cm.The root is strong and the stem is white, goes horizontally in the underground, dense, the node has the scale, the apex tip has the sweet taste.White Grass from (” Notes on Materia Medica “), also known as: White grass jian (Tao Hongjing), Silk grass (” Gangmu “), Wan gen grass (” Tieling County Annals “).All of the above can be used as the color standard of grass white.Grass white for autumn and winter scenery, the so-called “green, white dew for frost” is.Past dynasties poets have for the poem: Bai Juyi tang years old night, leisurely thinking of wine.Grass white by frost, clouds yellow snow day.Drunk according to incense pillow sitting, limbering furnace sleep.For a long time, the Ming Dynasty is ten years.Frost fly clear sky saicao white, cloud hanging wild yinshan black.—- Huang Tingjian northern Song Dynasty when the edge grass white, Jing section long city Yin.—- Wang Changling Tang song wind blowing grass white, stream cold sunset.—- Wang Changling Tang grass white mist numerous frost.Wood decayed clear month.—- Wang Weitang Cloud Huang know plug close, grass white see edge autumn.– Wang Ya Tang grass white frost qing Uighur eyes open, the original head swim riding on all sides.– CAI Xiang Song Frost thick grass white rabbit at the beginning of fat, cang Uygur tune boxing hound with.—- Mei Yaochen Song Southern and Northern Dynasties Bao Zhao poetry: pine color with wild deep, on the grass white.Yuan poetry: grass white mountain green geese fly, cold sunset pedestrians sparse.Grass white is seen in “Tiangong Kaiwu • Zhangshi No.3 • Various color Materials”, and there are dyeing methods: moon white and grass white.They are all dyed with indigo.For this method, fry in amaranth blue and dye it half raw and half cooked.Amaranth is the smaller leaf species in persicaria tinctoria, which is described here as “fried in water and dyed half raw and half cooked.”This is not the traditional method of making indigo, it is directly dyed by boiling water, according to the author’s experience, the effect is not good.It is better to use the traditional indigo tint.As for the difference between “moon white and grass white”, it is not mentioned in the article. It may be one color and two colors, or it may be slightly different shades.The author’s understanding is very light blue green, commonly known as “light green”.Grass white should be a little grayish.If press this understanding, “grass white” still can use a lot of plants of almost gramineous course to do dye, wait for weeds such as grass of Wolf tail, reed grass, setaria grass all can.The method is: these ketone other plant dyes extraction, dyeing, and then with alum with a little soap alum as a mordant, after the medium dyeing, and then wash.Due to the use of different plant materials, mordant concentration and dyeing time, temperature differences, the final color will be somewhat different.These are normal phenomena.I have used tea to do similar experiments, the effect is very good, color fastness is good.In addition, a large number of readers have not formed the habit of “liking”, I hope you can easily light up “watching” after reading, every one of your “watching”, I have as a power!It is not easy to be original, not only the text, but also the plants in the pictures are actually made. I wanted to give up many times.Persistence is a kind of belief, concentration is an attitude.