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In order to effectively strengthen the construction of community staff, further enrich the community strength, and solve the shortage of community medical and health staff in epidemic prevention and control, Hohhot announced the recruitment of 500 community medical and health staff in 2022.After research, the decision to open recruitment of community health post staff.According to the work arrangement, we have decided to start online registration, and the specific matters are announced as follows: 1. Recruitment Plan In March 2022, we plan to recruit 500 community medical and health post staff.After examination and recruitment, they will be trained by the Municipal Health Commission, mainly engaged in nucleic acid detection and antigen detection.After the epidemic prevention and control is carried out on a regular basis, the township and sub-district offices will be responsible for recruiting personnel based on the resident population, and then the township (sub-district offices) will be responsible for the allocation of personnel to their communities, mainly engaged in epidemic prevention and control.Ii. Recruitment Management The recruitment of the personnel is under the employment contract system, which does not belong to the establishment management.1. Graduates of secondary major or above should be former graduates;2. Major in Clinical Medicine, Clinical Laboratory, Medical Laboratory, preventive medicine, Animal Medicine, Medical Laboratory technology, Hygiene Laboratory, Pathology, Biology and Pathology technology, etc.;3. Aged 35 or below (born on or after March 15, 1986).1. Full-time bachelor degree or above should be directly employed by previous graduates;Full-time college degree or above is preferred;3. The qualification certificate of inspector or above is preferred;4. Applicants with PCR work permit and COVID-19 nucleic acid testing experience are preferred;5. Advanced study in tertiary medical institutions for half a year or more is preferred.This registration will not take the form of written examination and interview, through the online registration and examination, the final selection of 500 candidates.Six, compensation in accordance with the civil affairs bureau, the municipal party committee organization department, municipal finance bureau, the city human resources and social security bureau about print and distribute “about building the city community workers professional measures for the implementation of pay system (called home hair [2021] no. 84), the enroll community medical and health of the workers’ total pay 10 8 perform community three hills, wages, in addition,During the period of epidemic prevention and control, each person engaged in nucleic acid testing and antigen testing shall be paid a special post allowance of no less than 500 yuan per month.7. Registration shall be conducted on the Internet.Registration website: Hohhot Personnel training examination information network (website: Registration time: 9:00 on March 15, 2022 — 17:00 on March 19, 2022.For the specific requirements of this recruitment and related matters, the applicants should log on Hohhot Personnel Training examination information website (website:, read the “General Rules of Hohhot 2022 Open Recruitment of Community Medical and Health Post Staff” in detail, and sign up according to the recruitment requirements.Hohhot open recruitment community health work staff work leading group on March 14, 2022, Hohhot disease prevention and control system in 2022, the open recruitment need urgent staff announcement, as required by work, research by the city government, will be organized to carry out the Hohhot shortage of workers were badly needed at the open recruitment system of disease prevention and control work, now announced as follows.1. The employer is Hohhot Center for Disease Control and Prevention and all counties and districts centers for Disease Control and Prevention, public institutions.Ii. Recruitment Plan Plans to publicly recruit 366 urgently needed personnel, business establishment.Recruitment brochure and recruitment details are planned to be published on Hohhot personnel Training and examination information network ( in the near future.Applicants please pay attention to Hohhot personnel training examination information network, login the website for registration.Please pay attention to the recruitment brochure recently.Hohhot Municipal Health Commission March 14, 2022 Original title: “The latest announcement! All good jobs! Quick see if there is any suitable for you”