“Little tiger pier big hero” : The New Year flavor of good foot of the little tiger pier, not only meng

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Happy New Year, babies.What are you doing on the first day of the Year of the Tiger?New Year, we always make new wishes, may the New Year be better than the old year.I also hope that next year, more gentle, more interesting, more grateful.To welcome the New Year with a bang, I took my family to the cinema to see a movie.Today our choice of film is “Little Tiger Dun Heroes”.The film’s lovely “Tiger year mascot” Xiao Hudun and the film passed out of the Chinese temperament, pull full of the atmosphere of the year of the tiger.It’s also a good sign to start the year with a movie like this.01 the story happened in the ancient red Dead redemption, xiao Hu Dun’s parents are red dead Redemption.When hu Dun was a child, his parents traveled darts, promised to come back soon.However, spring to autumn, tiger pier in biaoju big master under the care of gradually grew up, watch the parents left the road every year, but still do not look forward to their return.Big headed said: “when the tiger dun grew up and became biaoshi, parents will come back”, so the tiger dun is determined to become biaoshi.He grew up in biaoju influenced by what he heard and heard, listening to the legend of biaoju grew up, one of the most let him worship, when a biaoju “five tiger” member, Yang total darts head.Finally one day, small tiger pier got the chance to bet darts personally below chance coincidence, and in the eyes of big master, he is still just a childish and reckless child.Out of concern, big headed invited Yang total dart head and tiger pier counterparts.In fact, Yang darts head is not the “legendary biaoshi”, he is now not only dirty down and out, but also wine, looks very unreliable.Tiger pier chubby, in addition to clever lovely, it seems really difficult to be competent to protect darts.In this way, this darts journey in two people each other “do not deal with” started.It hasn’t been a smooth ride, with bandits from the start.And walking rivers and rivers, it is not only to speak with force, then Yang dart head experience will come in handy.He intended to use money to settle, but xiaohu Dun and road bandits on their own, this angered the other side.Fortunately, Yang always dart head martial arts is not reduced that year, this to put this crisis to rest.Yang total dart head in order to tiger pier safety, decided to let the companion to tiger pier back to biaoju, but tiger pier has relentlessly ran back, said he must be biaoshi.Because once he’s a gunner, he’ll be reunited with his parents.In the tiger dun firm eyes, Yang darts head to see that in their own body disappeared for a long time stubborn.Sometimes all it takes is a pair of purest eyes to wake up lost blood and faith.So, he made up his mind to take xiaohudun to finish the dart.This road is extremely difficult, through the desert, encounter various villains block the way, several life hanging on a line, but in the pair of master and apprentice with each other, through a close.Xiaohu Dun also gradually become mature in this journey, understand “biaoshi” mission is responsibility and bear.He began to understand the “adult world”, with his own warmth and enthusiasm to cure Yang Dart head, let him out of the past trauma, have the courage to start a new life.[误] There are many details in this film with great care. [正] There are many details in this film with great care.It not only draws the beautiful rivers and mountains of China, but also shows the Chinese culture of biaoshi. It also conveys the virtue of “keeping promise and valuing promise” in traditional culture through the story of biaoshi sending darts.More importantly, it tells us that this journey of life is about “guarding”.Throughout our lives, we try to protect the things that matter most to us.Darts represent the protection of precious objects.In this process, xiaohu Dun is also guarding their beliefs, dreams and commitments, and Yang Darts head in guarding Xiaohu Dun.So, even if you’re traveling thousands of miles, don’t forget to listen to your inner voice before you leave.Often look at the way to come, often care about the people you care about, try your best to protect everything you care about, just won’t regret ah.What are the wonderful stories of this darts trip of xiaohu Dun?I won’t reveal the plot here.During the Spring Festival, please bring your family to the cinema and watch the movie “Xiao Hu Dun Big Hero” together.