Liu Aiping attended qin Chi town party history study education thematic democratic life

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On January 26, Qin Chi town held party history study education thematic democratic life, county party committee standing committee, united Front Work Department minister, county CPPCC Party deputy secretary Liu Aiping attended.Democratic life meeting, qin Chi town leadership group members were checked, and one by one to examine the analysis of existing problems, carried out criticism and self-criticism.Liu Aiping requirements, qin Chi town leadership to study hard as the first habit, to create quality excellent team;To enhance the “depth”, “breadth” and “length” of learning, put forward problems, research problems, solve problems in learning, make learning play its due effectiveness;To take responsibility as the first quality, to build a team capable of responsibility, truly with iron discipline, a good style of work, strict constraints to ensure the efficient progress of all work.(Zhang Wenyi) Editor: Fan Zhengwei