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On the eve of the Spring Festival, residents in the five corridors of Mingguangyuan community in Chuansha New Town received a “best New Year gift” — an exclusive access card that can open their elevators.Five elevators in the community were completed one month ahead of schedule, allowing them to realize their long-expected elevator dream before the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger.On the eve of the Spring Festival, Mingguang Yuan building 1 resident Tan bought a pile of goods home.When she got into the elevator, she took out her new access card and swiped it straight to her home on the fifth floor.”When I bought a house, I was young and thought it was nothing, but now I am old and can’t climb the building after carrying things. After installing an elevator, it is really much more convenient.”She said.It is reported that the project to install elevators in five existing multi-storey residential buildings in Mingguang Yuan began at the end of October last year and was expected to take four months.However, in order to allow residents to catch up before the Spring Festival to enjoy the convenience of “up and down”, chuansha New town related functional departments, construction units and the neighborhood committee and other joint efforts to shorten the construction period in each link.For example, after the construction company broke ground, it found that the underground water, electricity and coal pipe network was messy, which hindered the progress of the project.Chuansha New Town Urban Construction Center immediately took the initiative to communicate with relevant companies and units, and the latter moved the pipelines in time to ensure the follow-up construction of elevator installation.In the process of construction, the residents’ traffic and parking were affected. The neighborhood committee, property and industry authority took the initiative to negotiate with the relevant owners and obtained their understanding.”With the joint efforts of all parties and the cooperation of the owner, the construction process has not been affected at all.”Chuansha new town urban construction center (housing administration office) deputy director Wang Jiandong said.With the lift installed, it is more convenient to carry groceries and visit relatives and friends.The use of exclusive access card is also safer.According to the introduction, after the owner’s access control card is used inside the elevator, he can reach the floor where he is directly, and visitors need owner to agree to take the elevator upstairs.The setup is reassuring for residents.Resident Tang Liyun said, “Before the Spring Festival, we used to take elevators.In the future, we will keep the inside of the corridor clean and take good care of the elevator and corridor as if it were our own home.”Qiao Jianping, secretary of the party general branch of qiao Light residential area, told reporters that the follow-up will also take this as an opportunity to promote the “beautiful corridor” construction in the residential area, on the basis of resident autonomy, let the corridor more neat and beautiful.In fact, the corridor, plastered with the Chinese character fu in red, has begun to take on a new atmosphere.According to the introduction, in the New Year, chuansha new town will further advance already multi-storey residential elevator project.”Chuansha relatively large town area, there are more multi-storey residential.On the basis of supporting documents from the municipal and district governments, we plan to issue an implementation plan for installing elevators in the existing multi-storey residential buildings in Chuansha New Town to promote the work of adding elevators.”Wang Said.Responsible editor Yang Linyu source issued by Pudong