Rangnick repeated Mourinho’s judgment that United had too many technical players and not enough toughness

2022-05-28 0 By

The Manchester evening news published exclusive articles, paraphrased lang Nick for Manchester united team’s thinking, as well as the opinions expressed in many times interview, lang Nick insists Manchester united players lack basic physical quality, and skilful players too much at present, in the next transfer window united need to focus on solving the problem of the balance between the two.Lang said Nick physical quality is insufficient, is not lack of Manchester united players fighting ability, but the lack of a continuous, coherent movement, as well as in the case of oppressed by rivals, is still able to maintain consistency of technical action against ability, even at the aggressive, lang Nick some sven believes Manchester united players and toughness.The Manchester Evening News believes mourinho made a similar remark five years ago during his final season in charge of Manchester United.Mourinho felt united’s players lacked aggression and mental toughness on the pitch.There is no doubt that Manchester United’s players have had psychological problems this season, which is in line with Mourinho’s judgment.Rangnick thought Rashford was good in training, but going into the game like a new man was basically a sign of poor mental quality.Lonick has nine wins in 21 games and a winning percentage of 42.86 percent.In under the coach of the most solid front combination is cristiano ronaldo, Bruno fernandes, sancho, under the three players in almost become the main firm, starting with most of the game, in a rush, mata, ford lagarde as substitute, Lin lang Nick more adopted the elamite as a winger player, is already enough to illustrate the problem.Rangnick is very similar to Mourinho in that it requires players who are capable of sprints to press and chase back at full speed, something united’s frontcourt players lack.Otherwise, Erlanga, who is technically less capable than Rashford and Lingard, would not have become more of a starter than his predecessors.No team can maintain a frontcourt with five players who only like to move around in the offensive third zone instead of retreating to play defense, and most teams can only keep two or three players in the frontcourt at all times.But we also need to consider the Manchester united team’s thinking inertia, a period in ole Gunnar solskjaer, Daniel James, pizza card to become a member of the right way, and from time, James, pizza card back and sprint ability, enough to ensure that united in field before and after maintaining enough pressure and balance, such as the following figure,We haven’t seen much of Daniel James running back from the frontcourt this season.Fred has set a new high for Manchester united this season, which also comes from this.Fred has notched up four goals and four assists this season, taking his tally to eight in four seasons at Manchester united, where he has notched up more than five goals and assists in a single season.The reason is very simple: Fred’s more running coverage, regardless of physical pressure, as long as he moves forward to the front, he will eventually get more opportunities.At present, the team structure of Manchester United is characterized by light front and heavy back. The front court has many players who are used to running and penetrating, while the middle and back court have a large number of players who are not good at running but better at squatting, which leads to the unbalanced team structure of Manchester United.The front court is weak in positional battles and the back court is insufficient in counter-attack coverage.How did United solve it last season?Lindelof passes the ball over the top, and the players up front just run away.