The 4th Feng Zikai Essay Prize call for contributions

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Feng Zikai was born in Shimen Town, Tongxiang City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province.In honor of Mr Feng zikai’s prose achievements, inheriting Chinese excellent traditional literature and contemporary Chinese prose push toward the peak, charm, hometown of feng zikai’s culture by writers publishing house co., LTD., the communist party of jiaxing municipal party committee propaganda department of tongxiang city, jiaxing federation of literature and art, the people’s government hosted, feng zikai in collaboration with the research of “the fourth prize in feng zikai’s prose,”We are now collecting essays from all over the world.A, contest organizer: writers publishing house co., LTD The communist party of jiaxing municipal party committee propaganda department Jiaxing co-organizers of tongxiang city federation of literature and art of the people’s government: feng zikai seminar 2, filling time from now on to June 30, 2022, three, the essay required essay object: all the world and prose writer essay genre: prose specific requirements:The content is not detained but healthy upward, remembering the past, observing the present, remembering the person, the story can be, the word count is less than 10,000 words, and has not been published in print media and the network, published.The fourth Feng Zikai Prose Award has a special prize of RMB 50,000;Feng Zikai prose prize 10, the prize money of 20,000 yuan each.In order to support the prose creation of young writers (born after January 1, 1987), 10 young Writers awards (not the same as the previous awards) are set up, with a bonus of 5000 YUAN each.All bonuses are after-tax.The winning works are published by Writers Publishing House.The organizing committee of the competition will invite experts to form a jury to evaluate the works. The award ceremony will be held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province depending on the epidemic situation.(1) This competition does not charge any entry fee, and all manuscripts will not be returned.All participants are deemed to have automatically agreed to the terms of this notice.(2) The organizer shall have the right to use the prize-winning works for the publicity, exhibition, research and other related publicity, promotion, publication, publication and dissemination of the contest without additional payment, and the author shall enjoy the right of authorship.(3) The organizing Committee reserves the right to interpret this announcement.Please send the manuscript to by electronic way, and indicate your real name, address and contact information.The author who participates in the young Writer Award should indicate in the subject of the email in the format of: Young Writer Award + author’s name, and the id card information should be attached at the end of the email.The office of the organizing Committee of the 4th Fengzikai Essay Prize is located in the editorial Department of Chinese Campus Literature. The contact number is 010-65389761.The organizing committee of the 4th Feng Zikai Prose Award (April 2022) Editor: Deng Jie (2nd instance), Liu Ya (3rd instance), Chen Tao, Wang Yang