Aksai County Public Security Bureau actively responded to snow and ice weather to ensure the safety and smooth road

2022-05-29 0 By

Affected by cold air, from February 16 to February 18, there was snow and temperature drop in Aksai County. When some roads of Jinshan section of National Highway 215 froze, road traffic accidents were easy to occur.In order to ensure the safe and smooth traffic on the roads under the jurisdiction of Aksai County, the Public Security Bureau of Aksai County promptly launched the Emergency Response Plan for Severe Weather, actively took a number of measures to deal with the snow and freezing weather, comprehensively strengthened the road traffic safety control and blockage and smooth traffic to ensure the safety and smooth traffic on the roads under the jurisdiction of Aksai County.First, start joint attendance mechanism and implement remote diversion.The traffic police department immediately contacted with the traffic police departments of Lenghu, Dacaidan and Dunhuang in Qinghai Province to divert vehicles heading for The section of Dangjinshan to the far end of the road and guide passengers to change their travel plans.Second, strengthen road patrol, dredge control and use.Strengthen the patrol and traffic guidance of key snow-covered sections such as mountain curves and steep slopes, rescue and dispose of slight scratches and trapped vehicles, urge passing vehicles to install anti-skid chains, and remind drivers to pay attention to safe driving.Actively docking with meteorological departments, timely take control measures, to qinghai direction of the road closed restrictions.Third, departments work together to remove snow and ensure smooth operation.Actively contacted with transportation and road administration departments, dispatched snow removal vehicles to remove snow on the road surface, and spread anti-skid materials and snow melt agents on some snow covered roads to ensure smooth roads.Fourth, timely release of information, strengthen safety publicity.County financial media center on-site interview, through television and other media publicity, the county public security bureau with two new media such as micro platform to the general driver timely and accurate traffic information release and carry out safety propaganda prompt, remind drivers keep a safe distance, pay attention to safety, prevent a long period of time, a wide range of traffic jams.By 13 o ‘clock on February 18, national road 215 when jinshan section of the lane to resume traffic, the lower lane is still snow, stranded more than 20 large heavy trucks have all safely from the current peak, the area did not occur casualties traffic accidents, road traffic order is stable.