Another way to go down in history?The Us and the West were embarrassed when Russia and Ukraine attacked the “invasion of Japan” hype

2022-05-29 0 By

Russia and Ukraine slammed the US and the West for hyping up the “Invasion Day”, saying it was “a failed hype that will go down in history”, overseas reported.Previously, the United States and the West repeatedly “arch fire”, said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is “imminent”.More than 130,000 Russian troops are likely to converge on the Ukrainian border on February 16.He said February 16 would be the “end of the world” in Kiev.The United States has even warned Americans in Ukraine to “leave now,” saying that sending troops out would start a “world war.”Before that, however, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russian forces had completed their joint military exercises in Belarus, near the Ukrainian border, and that some Russian troops would return to their posts as a series of joint military exercises ended.”This day will go down in history as the day of the defeat of western war propaganda,” said Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry.The West has been humiliated and destroyed without a shot being fired.”Dmitry Peskov, Russia’s presidential spokesman, responded humorously, quipping that Ukrainians who believed the story were welcome to “stay up late”.”They’d better set an alarm and see for themselves.”Not only that, the Ukrainian side also lashed out at some people on the US side for predicting the so-called “invasion day”.Recently, a group of Western countries led by the United States openly spread false news, constantly hyping Russia’s upcoming “invasion” of Ukraine.Not only that Russian forces have reached 70 per cent of the level needed for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, but that they will send more battalion-level tactical teams to the Ukrainian border.The US media also openly published fake news titled “Live: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” on its official website, and then deleted it, saying that it “had no intention of publishing it and felt deeply regret”.At the same time, the German press also published a report about Russia’s plan to annex Ukraine and establish a puppet government, saying that if Russia occupied Ukraine, it would include it in the alliance of Russia and Belarus, and establish “special concentration camps” to detain anti-Russians.In response, the Kremlin has repeatedly insisted that it has no plans for an attack and attacked the Western media for fomenting “hysteria”.