Huangyan these old residential areas began to transform, to see if there is your home

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In order to comprehensively implement the renovation and improvement of urban and rural features, the district has recently accelerated the renovation of old residential areas to improve people’s living conditions.After the reconstruction of the first te Jia Yuan community in my district, at present, dongcheng street Guoping New village and Tan Xiang new village have also entered the construction site.▽ Gwopin New Village before construction ▽ At gwopin New Village and Danhyang New Village, construction workers are greening and painting walls.This project will focus on two plots of being short of form a complete set of community management, lack of infrastructure, ecological greening configuration backward and poor environment image features were problem, configuration more convenient service facilities, new neighborhood communication space and sports leisure space and comb to green space, etc., to combine functionality and view,To meet the use needs of community residents in all ages and all periods of time for various areas, to create a full-age landscape community, and to achieve the double improvement of “appearance level” and “connotation” of the community.▽ Gwopin New Village design Plan ▽ Danhyang New Village Design Plan The construction of the two apartments began in mid-March and is expected to be completed in late May.After the renovation, the residents’ living environment will be improved and their life will be more convenient and better.”Zhejiang building Science Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. Project manager Chen Jiqi said.The reconstruction of old residential areas is not only a livelihood project desired by the masses, but also an important part of urban renewal.It is understood that this year, I plan to transform the old district a total of 10, respectively is the East street of the Garden, Fruit new village, Tan Xiang new village 1-5 and Xicheng street jinjiang district, Jinjiang district, Jinjiang district, Jinjiang district, Jinjiang district, Yongning district, Yongning district, yongning district, yongning district, yongning district, yongning district, yongning district, yongning district, yongning district, the total area of 293,000 square meters,It involves 153 residential buildings and 3201 households.The renovation mainly includes zero direct drainage of sewage, renovation of the exterior facade of the house, renovation of parking Spaces, addition of activity places, greening transformation, etc. According to the principle of “retention, alteration and demolition”, valuable historical blocks will be left, basic supporting facilities that are not convenient for people’s life will be transformed, and worthless things will be removed.In the next step, the construction of other old residential areas in our district will be carried out one after another. All the old residential areas are expected to be completed in December this year, which will greatly improve the sense of gain, happiness and security of residents.