Imitating husband and wife: CAI Shaofen and Zhang Jin’s Happy life

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Hong Kong media asked CAI Shaofen: “I heard that you played for Joseph Lau three times?”CAI shaofen immediately panicked when she heard this question, and Zhang Jin could not help but scold: “This is her privacy, and this matter is all old and dead, what’s the meaning of turning it over?”The Hong Kong media continued unabated: “I heard that Liu spent 200 million yuan for you during his confinement. Is that true?”CAI Shaofen, seeing that she could not avoid the attack, simply looked up and answered, she said: “We are as normal male and female friends in communication, there is no such a mess of relationships.He did give me some help, but not that much!”Before he finished his speech, Zhang cut off the camera with one hand and pushed the microphone away. With the other hand, he defended CAI and said, “Don’t waste your breath with them.”Two people go off!Acts left to break the pot to ask the end of the Hong Kong media, a face meng.CAI Shaofen did have an unbearable past.But that’s life, not choice.In 1991, 17-year-old Chua shaofen won the third place of Hong Kong Sister.But her mother is addicted to gambling, young CAI Shaofen no matter how much money, also can not fill the gambling debt hole.Debt piled up, debt collectors came home and smashed POTS and pans, leaving the family with nowhere to live.At this time, liu appeared, not only for CAI mother paid off high gambling debts, but also for the family to settle down in the future life.But she had long coveted CAI’s beauty.A person will not be good to your family without reason, since arrived at this stage of the field, CAI Shaofen had to tearfully commit.In be big liu “raise” in 6 years, CAI Shaofen never give up oneself, she knows that is not normal feeling, consequently she tries her best to cultivate own ability, try hard to be independent, finally after 6 years, fly out of gold wire cage successfully.Zhang Jin is also a poor background, early as a stunt double, live a lot of money, 30 years old also mediocre, there have been many frustrated and suffering.Different experience, the same mood, let two people meet, understand each other, cherish each other.At the height of her career, CAI Shaofen registered her marriage with Zhang Jin.The two briefly posed for wedding photos.As they were both actors and needed to stay in shape, Ms. Tsai ironed and put away the wedding dress and suit she had worn for the photo shoot.On their 10th wedding anniversary in 2021, the couple posed for another set of wedding photos with the same person and the same clothes they wore 10 years ago.”In the past ten years, there have been wind, rain, rainbows, and two troublemakers.Let’s stay in shape and hopefully wear this outfit for the next decade.”It’s fun, but it’s full of happiness.They had a son, too young to be photographed.The next decade, must be three trouble, a family of five happy to continue.CAI Shaofen zhang Jin, ten years of shooting, ten years of shooting, wearing the same set of clothes, not only to test the figure, but also special commemorative significance.What do you think?