In a major reversal, Manchester United make a controversial decision!Cristiano ronaldo was very surprised, fan: delay king peak

2022-05-29 0 By

There was also an outpouring of discontent after United drew with last-place Burnne yesterday.But today the united hierarchy made a controversial decision.”Lonick will not be replaced as technical director at the end of the season.There is a good chance he will continue as manager next season.It is hard for the fans to understand that the united hierarchy has come out in support of Rangnick at this time, and ronaldo is probably also very surprised.In the last game Lonick pinned Cristiano Ronaldo to the bench without warning.”I think Cavani is more suited to start now,” he said. “He can help the team more with his fighting and fighting.”Ranick has also made it clear that he is not in a good relationship with Ronaldo, and the United hierarchy has backed him.I’m afraid ronaldo will have to be a regular part of the rotation under Rangnick in the future.That is unacceptable for ronaldo, who wants to be united’s leader.And after The appointment of Lonick, the team in the current record did not improve significantly.After 23 rounds of the league, he has just 39 points and is currently ranked fifth in the league. It will be difficult to break into the top four.Rangnick is now an empty head, but it can be described as a paper soldier, when it comes to real practice, his tactics and teachings are basically the weak team can not take, the strong team can not beat.United are almost certain not to finish in the top four if they keep him in charge.Fans lamented: “Manchester United still let him as manager is delaying the peak of the football king, let’s leave Manchester United quickly.”