It’s best not to book the last flight of the day in winter, British Airways staff tell you why

2022-05-29 0 By

An airline worker has revealed the unspoken rule of airlines: Why you should never book the last flight of the day in winter.Meghan Holm, who works in marketing for an airline, is a frequent traveler who shares her travel tips on social media because she says she often gets free flights through her skills, The Sun reported recently.In a recent video, she explains why you should never book the last flight of the day, even if it’s cheaper.”Weather-related delays and cancellations are more common in winter.So here’s how to prepare.Book the first flight of the day if you can, because if you book the last flight, you don’t have any choice.But if you book your first flight, you have more opportunities to transfer or change.”In fact, this is not only true in winter, summer and summer, flights are also easy to cancel due to high density of flights.”Statistically speaking, early birds fly faster and have fewer delays and cancellations,” former pilot Katherine Bunce once told reporters.The later you leave, the more likely it is that your flight will be delayed or canceled.Airlines offer passengers fewer and fewer options over time, which is why if you really need to get to your destination on time, taking a morning flight is often the best option.”If your flight does get canceled or delayed, Megan also shared other ways to reduce the impact on your vacation.”Whenever possible, book a direct flight because if your flight is delayed, you don’t have to worry about missing your connection,” she said.If you do have to make a connection, she says, leave plenty of time in between just in case.”If there’s a short layover or a long layover, I definitely choose a longer layover,” she explains.Those are some of megan’s tips for flying.Did you learn?Correspondent Asay