Shanghai twin sisters with high appearance level are admitted to a first-class university together, which is the pride of their parents

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Zhou Yibing is an “unfortunate” girl, who suffers from congenital spondylosis. She had to leave school at home before the national college Entrance examination in 2020, but with persistent efforts, she was admitted to Tsinghua University in 2021.She is an inspirational girl who has touched countless lives.She had a twin sister, who was also an excellent student with a love for learning. She was admitted to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which was envied by her classmates. They all said, “Why can they be so excellent in the same nine-year compulsory education?In April 2020, Zhou Yibing suddenly felt an abnormal stabbing pain in her lumbar spine, making it impossible for her to sit in a chair and finish a whole class.With the help of her classmates, she was sent to the hospital for an examination, and the result was given by the doctor: congenital spondylosis. The doctor said that the condition at this time is very serious, and without intervention, it will cause irreversible damage to the body.In the face of the disease, she can only temporarily compromise, in the company of her family, she dealt with the suspension procedures.It seems that overnight, fate and she played a joke, her usual grades are excellent, if there is no illness, it is likely that she will become people envy and praise the top scorer in the college entrance examination, even if her heart is unwilling to be forced to suspend school, but in the face of their own illness, she can do nothing.In the days of suspension at home, she did not forget her original intention and did not give up her dream of being admitted to a famous university. She insisted on reviewing knowledge, hoping that one day, she could return to the classroom, take the college entrance examination and enter her favorite university.Although the two sisters have excellent grades, they are not bookworms. They know how to combine work and rest. They also like shopping and traveling.They are masters of time management and know how to use their time reasonably. They can keep a good balance between study and entertainment. They will set learning goals for themselves every day and only when these small goals are achieved will they start their own entertainment projects.Among their peers, they are students with better self-discipline.In terms of their studies, their parents took little care to educate and guide them in a free-range way.In addition to their academic performance, they also like physical exercise. They often participate in sports activities organized by the school. They also invite their classmates to participate in long-distance running, which can relax them.After my sister entered Shanghai Jiaotong University, she joined the long-distance running club. She often attended club activities and organized club members to run around the playground.My sister likes volleyball. After entering Tsinghua University, she joined the volleyball club. She is very popular in the club because of her sunny and positive personality.Support and encourage each other, this is the real “good sisters” they go to school in Beijing, a study in Shanghai, although the physical distance is a little far, but they love each other’s heart tightly embrace together, the physical distance can not kill the enthusiasm of two people, that is the most authentic family appearance.They often talk on the phone for hours, with endless topics to talk about.They see each other frequently on the Internet through mobile video apps, and the sisters say they feel as if they have never been apart and feel close to each other.In the year when Zhou Yibing took a break from school, some of the top students in her class had already entered Tsinghua University. When zhou Yibing entered Tsinghua University with excellent results in the second year, she had many friends with whom she could sincerely communicate and encourage each other.These classmates accompanied her in her life on the Tsinghua campus and became her good friends with whom she could talk about nothing.These two sisters write the myth of youth and rewrite their lives with their own efforts.Through hard work, they entered their dream universities and continued their studies.They are bold, this is the most real appearance of youth, because of youth, so full of vitality, just have more efforts, to pursue dreams.They dare to dream about their future, but not unrealistic fantasy, but through their unremitting efforts to achieve the blueprint of the future, so that their life is more perfect.