The old man went out to buy steamed bread lost nanyang Wolong police step by step tracking it back

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Image network news (Elephant news reporter Zhang Ding has correspondent Jia Yaohe) “the night is particularly warm with you, the old mother finally found, thank you very much”.This is nanyang a citizen of the police from the bottom of his heart thanks, thanks to the police braved the winter cold, with him step by step tracking search, and finally found the missing for most of the day more than 80 years old mother.At 19:00 on February 8th, a man hurried into the Nanyang City Public Security Bureau Wolong District public Security branch qiliyuan police station reported to the police that his 80-year-old mother was missing.After asking the police, I learned that the old man usually walked around his house in the afternoon, chatting with others, and would go home on time before dinner. Now it has been dark, but the old man did not go home, and the family could not find the trace of the old man around, because the old mother has slight senile dementia, so they called the police for help.After understanding the situation, the police described the physical characteristics of the elderly and the color of the clothes worn that day through family members, began to search for work.Road near the police first from the police in video monitoring, quashing find found after the old man out of the village along the letter I walk road to the west, so the police were asked by the masses, and obtain video monitoring to find along the way, they patiently the advancing step by step, through three hours of effort, in addition to han road and nunn road near,The police suddenly saw a body and clothing and the police are similar to the mother of the old man, look confused in her hands carrying a bag of steamed bread, is sitting on a roadside tricycle to rest.The police confirmed that the old man was the mother.Seeing his old mother safe and sound, the police were thrilled.The police speculated that the mother might have been trying to buy steamed bread for her family, but went in the wrong direction and couldn’t find her way home.Police warm heart to remind the alarm, the accident lost in fact expressed the mother’s love for the family, do children to spend more time with the elderly, give the elderly care needed.At the same time, we should pay attention not to let the old man go out alone, and prepare contact information for the old man, so that the old man can contact his family in time when he is lost or in danger.The caller nodded in recognition and gratefully took her home.( Nanyang News Hotline: 18003713016, contributed email: