Wen Wing Shan appearance level counterattack baby!Turning into a socialite in an off-the-shoulder dress at an event

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On February 11, Janice man on social platforms to drying out a set of the beauty of the brand activity, delicate and elegant to wear makeup look, both showed her fine figure, can very good outstanding beauty, beauty became a socialite, let she points minutes now Janice man has realized the appearance level regicide, compared with the former girlfriends baby, don’t lose.Let’s analyze the small details of wen Yongshan’s brand campaign.Wen Wing Shan brand event!Wear little white dress generous show right Angle shoulder body hot, beauty is not lost baby Wen Yongshan’s activities to wear white shoulder dress + open-toe high-heeled shoes + wave shoulder-length hair modeling Key words: elegant, sexy, simple, pure color combination modeling highlights 01:In the dress design, if we choose a single color collocation, then we need to emphasize the high-level sense of the whole fabric, the most common is to use satin.On the one hand, the smooth effect of satin can increase the counter luminosity of color very well, let onetone color also can produce very good absorbing eyeball effect, on the other hand, the version of satin is quite wide, not easy to fold, with pure color department after collocation, can better present the advanced feeling that gives extremely simple.This one white formal attire on wen Yong Shan body is such, after pure white and satin face are united in union, although do not have decorative pattern adornment, but can rely on white however glance sex undertakes filling light to color of skin, let whole person look more white fair, and also magnified white grace feeling, let her whole person look on more feminine taste.Modelling window 02: clipping design does not have opportunely think, highlight good figure although this formal dress colour is onefold, but many small details were added in clipping respect however, achieved very good rich result thereby, for example these a few points below:Wen Yongshan’s shoulder and neck lines are very outstanding, and it is best to show this advantage when choosing a dress, so he chose the classic shoulder design, which can perfectly show the right shoulder with a glaph collarbone.Moreover, the cuffs and neckline are splicing to form a widening effect visually, which can not only create a lazy sense of leisure, but also widen the length, and form a contrast with the high waist cut of the skirt, to better emphasize the slender sense of the small waist.② Short skirt shows long legs not only thick neck line, Wen Yongshan’s beautiful legs are also quite eye-catching, so when attending activities, wearing short skirts is easier to steal the limelight than wearing long skirts.Like her a dress, skirt length to two-thirds of the thigh, the length is just right, can be above the knee, cooperate on create extension effect after peep-toe heels, let a leg ministry line appear smooth and slender, at the same time in the skirt for a slight tightening, formation of style, one pace better increase the female glamour.We have said before that the cutting style of this set of skirts is simple, but the collar and cuffs are cleverly added with flounces.The radian of the fold fabric can not only make the whole shape looks more creative, design feeling at the same time, can use the curve of the ups and downs, by modifying the arm line, and lotus leaf edge or recognized humorous elements, greatly increased the modelling of lovely feeling, deserve to go up delicate collarbone chain after love, goddess of modelling of a complete set of fan.Wen Wing Shan appearance level counterattack baby!Wearing white off-the-shoulder dress to attend the event to change into a celebrity socialite, right shoulder too eye-catching statement:Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!Text/peanuts