Chaoyang Guangshuo Animal husbandry was identified by the Ministry of Agriculture as “livestock and poultry breeding standardized demonstration field”

2022-05-30 0 By

A few days ago, from Beijing came good news, chaoyang wide animal husbandry Limited company was determined by the Ministry of Agriculture as “livestock and poultry breeding standardization demonstration field”, and issued a plaque.It is reported that since the establishment of Chaoyang Guangshuo Animal Husbandry Co., LTD., in the development and expansion of enterprise pig industry, at the same time, leading the local villagers to get rich together, organizing the villagers of Xiazhangzi Village, Nanshuangmiao Town, Chaoyang City, established the “Chaoyang County Zhuo Yang pig raising professional cooperative”, the current membership of 1022 people.In the operation of the implementation of the “company, farmers” chain development, by the company to provide farmers with pigs, feed and epidemic prevention technology, and at higher than the market price recovery of finishing pigs, the implementation of unified breeding standards, unified sales, unified improved varieties and unified feed “four unified” mode.By joining the cooperative, the cooperative and farmers form a consortium of interests, realizing risk sharing, mutual benefit and win-win situation. The villagers who join the cooperative produce more than 3,000 commercial pigs annually, increasing their income by about 100,000 yuan per capita.The cooperative takes the form of transferring funds from households to the community and distributes them to the poor households in the form of share and fund dividends every year, directly lifting 459 registered poor households and 1,168 poor people out of poverty in 16 administrative villages of Nanshuangmiao Town.