China life Inner Mongolia branch reminds the elderly to think calmly not disorderly

2022-05-30 0 By

Social trickery emerges in an endless stream, and the elderly are the easiest targets for criminals to focus on.The elderly objectively understand the fraud and means of the lawless is limited, subjective and psychological reluctant to add burden to their children, lawless people will organize investigation, tourism, lectures and other ways to attract the elderly to deceive the trust, in order to invest in the pension industry, provide pension services, sales of pension products on the grounds of lobbying the elderly to participate in investment.Here, China Life Inner Mongolia Branch reminds the elderly:In the face of these so-called “investment will have higher earnings” deception, must be alert to think again, reason don’t believe the other’s lies, to know the present the financial product formal financial institutions are not promised break-even revenue, and once have promised high returns, will be accompanied by high risk, high risk behind could be wiped out.If exposed to make oneself of “product” or “project”, to be careful check the business license and other institutions permit, behind ponder project is in line with the market rule, if there is a real project, the company funds, the destination is of more relatives and family communication, don’t because of a blind impulse and affect their well-being originally quiet life of the elderly.