Fuzhou Shoushan stone carving technology protection regulations will come into effect next month

2022-05-30 0 By

According to a press conference held by the Standing Committee of the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Congress on Monday, the regulations on the protection of Stone carving Skills in Fuzhou will come into force on March 1 this year.Fuzhou city will prepare special planning for the protection of Shoushan stone carving skills as soon as possible, speed up the formulation of supporting measures for the provisions, and further promote the brand of “World stone, Fuzhou industry”.Shoushan stone fat embellish, soft and easy to attack, ze color tongling, carving, seal cutting rare stone.Since the development of carving, after more than 1500 years of historical accumulation, integration of a variety of carving techniques, developed into a fuzhou regional characteristics of shoushan stone carving skills, and widely used in all kinds of jade carving.Shoushan stone carvings in Fuzhou were included in the first national intangible cultural heritage list.The Regulations protect, inherit, spread and develop Shoushan stone carving skills from the aspects of management system, protection measures, talent training and industry support.Among them, industrial support measures, including planning and construction of Shoushan stone carving culture comprehensive industrial base, Shoushan stone carving culture ecological protection zone;To protect the exclusive right of geographical indication certification trademark of “Shoushan Stone Carving”;Encourage auction enterprises to hold regular auctions of Shoushan stone carvings;Encourage “Internet + Shoushan Stone Carving” to promote shoushan stone carving industry to take the initiative to adapt to changes in the market environment;Encourage and support shoushan stone carving enterprises and artists to develop new technologies and new products.According to the “Provisions”, Fuzhou will speed up the development of supporting measures, comb and improve the existing shoushan stone carving industry support policies, further increase the incentive, and do a good job in the selection of Shoushan stone carving demonstration studio, passing on the students, professional title evaluation, honor selection and other activities.It will also establish or undertake influential exhibitions at home and abroad, organize and support Shoushan stone associations, enterprises and artists to actively participate in exhibitions, sales and competitions of works at home and abroad, and promote the protection, inheritance, dissemination and utilization of Shoushan stone carving skills.