How do you fold an escort bed in a hospital

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Put the four feet in place and fold them in the middle.1. For any hospital, the culture of the hospital exists in itself and is not possessed by other hospitals.It is dominated by spiritual values. In the process of the development of a hospital, the atmosphere and values of the organization are gradually formed and exist in the organization. The core values of this culture need to be refined.Relying on all hospital staff to refine, and can guarantee the recognition of each employee, the soul of the hospital culture will be found right.2. It is a hard job to accompany a patient. All of these things are to be taken care of.Take care of the patient’s eating, drinking, defecating and spreading.There is no need to look down on such small things, and then mixed with the care of patients taking medicine, restless.In particular, when taking infusion bottles to the bathroom, be careful of the infusion bottles above, and the left and right steps for patients to pay attention to the soles of their feet.3, folding bed purchase matters needing attention, look at the stability.Use both hands to shake the product before and after the left and right, shake, firm description frame.Finally to experience, personally lie down, and turn around a few times, a good spring will not move or uneven, and can immediately restore the original shape.If it is a steel structure of the folding bed, pay attention to the welding to smooth, no gap, coating looks uniform, soft, and the use of [plastic spraying process] steel tube surface, high hardness, more wear resistant, more shiny.