How long do I keep 12306 historical orders? How do I check them

2022-05-30 0 By

12306 historical orders are reserved for 30 days.12306APP Orders when buying tickets online on 12306, the historical order records generated can be saved for 30 days.How to view personal 12306 order?Order query operation is performed in the demo environment of miui 11, system version MIUI13 and software version railway 12306 Click on the top of the order page of 12306APP.Order 2. Enter the paid page and select View from the order type.You can view the non-travel orders and historical order records, including: train number, starting place, order number, departure time, number of tickets, passengers, etc.For paid orders, if the purchase time is less than 30 minutes to 2 hours before the departure time, only 10 minutes will be reserved. If the payment is not completed within 10 minutes, the system will cancel the order.If the ticket purchase time is more than 2 hours, the system will hold the order for 30 minutes, and the payment system will automatically cancel the order for you.Summary: 12306 order query 12306APP — Order — Paid history order.