Shouldn’t a public house have a bathroom?The New Year has begun, and the weird expert needs to stop making a fool of himself

2022-05-30 0 By

Some people say that the comedian who laughs the most at this year’s Gala is the actor himself, which is the biggest joke of the year.Really should that sentence, as long as they are not embarrassed, embarrassed is others.Cross talk is characterized by irony and humor, while also bringing joy to everyone.A brief summary of the so-called research results and dark humorous remarks made by those weird experts makes a good crosstalk joke.I came across another bizarre remark made by a famous expert. Although it was not the latest one, I felt so ridiculous that I shared it.Xue Xx, a famous economist, made a surprising discovery after research that if low-rent houses were equipped with independent toilets, the poor would not be able to live at all.Private toilets are for the rich, public toilets are for the poor.As the rent is very low, low-rent housing has become a scarce resource in every city, and many rich people want to take advantage of it.If there is a separate toilet, then the tang monk’s flesh will be divided up by the rich and powerful groups, forming a social monster of driving expensive cars and living in low-rent houses, but the poor can not live in the same place.I don’t know whether Xue’s research is a national project or a special fund, but he pointed out an objective fact that even the guards and guards know that there are indeed some people with money and cars who take advantage of the loopholes of the national policy to obtain low-rent housing and earn their own interests through improper means.According to expert Xue’s solution, low-rent houses should not be equipped with toilets, so those with money and power will not bother with the idea.If the experts follow this line of thinking, eliminating toilets still won’t stop the greed of the rich and powerful.In order to solve the problem once and for all, is it necessary to cancel water and electricity?Is it necessary to cancel the Internet and harden the road?Does the house leave no Windows and no doors?So that the rich and powerful can stop thinking, and the poor can enjoy affordable housing?You have not put forward your own opinions on the management and distribution of low-rent housing, and have not put forward a solution to the unfair distribution of housing, but insist on the poor and rich against each other, to create secondary harm and conflict, such expert research results can only make people shake their heads.Over the past year, from time to time, experts have surfaced to make remarks that insult the public’s intelligence and the feelings of netizens.What farmers have little to do with the grain we eat. China will be rich and powerful only when farmers are eliminated.Children should not support their parents.What environmental pollution is caused by bicycles, because the traffic jams caused by bicycles increase the exhaust emissions.It is ironic that these sanctimonious people make such remarks.As the New Year begins, I hope such strange experts will have a careful mind and not make a fool of themselves again.